I HAD planned a completely different post for today, and man, it would’ve been brilliant! But I’ve woken up feeling like someone tried to drug me in my sleep, so all you get is a photo of the new hat I bought yesterday.

It IS a great hat, though. And stripey! OF COURSE.

(Note: I was just trying it on here – I didn’t walk around with it on. I totally WOULD, though.)

We were at a local antiques fair/indoor market with my parents, as a kind of Mother’s Day outing. It’s a pretty cool place, actually: lots of vintage jewellery (of which I didn’t buy anything, although I was sorely tempted, and will have to go back soon) and, er, other stuff:

I really wanted this:

But it was £50, and I never, ever use the phone, so it would’ve been a complete waste of money. And as you all know, I would NEVER waste money, not even on those boots I’m watching on eBay right now, that I totally wouldn’t be able to wear now until next winter, but which I really, really want. Ahem.

Anyway, Terry actually took these photos for me as part of my Shoeper Shoe Challenge, and there are some more over at Shoeperwoman, should you particularly want to see them. Happy Monday!

  1. I'm very impressed that you managed to resist the jewellery! And I see Terry's been busy with Photoshop again… 😉

  2. I want that red phone! Not that I use the house phone, ever, but it would make a great decoration in my bedroom 🙂

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