(Taken just a few minutes ago: excuse the dark photo, it’s, er, nighttime.)

NO. Nonononono. NO. It’s almost APRIL. It’s SPRING. Actually, as of Sunday morning, when Daylight Savings Time started in the UK, British SUMMER time has officially begun.

And it’s snowing. SNOWING.  And quite heavily, too.

I mean, they DID tell us it would snow this week. The weather people, I mean. And I was all, “Yeah, yeah, whatever! I’m totally switching over my wardrobes this weekend and getting out my summer clothes. I wore a trench coat this month, for God’s sake, so the snow can kiss my ass!”

Well, it looks like the snow decided to KICK my ass instead. I seriously cannot stand much more of this. We’ve just had the worst winter since records began, and it really feels like it’s never going to end. WAAAAAHHHHHHH! Woe is me! Woe! Woe! No, seriously: WOE.

If that snow hasn’t melted by the time I wake up tomorrow, I’m … well, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Cry, probably. And maybe book another holiday.


  1. WOE!!!!!!! I feel you! I would head for another holiday ASAP!!!!! Don't come back until it's summer according to the actual weather. I'm sorry it's snowing. You could also just put posters of outdoor summer time in all of your windows so when you look out you never see the snow (but I guess that would also mean never leaving the house)…

  2. When I first saw the photo, I thought it was a sand castle sculpture of a car. Then a snow sculpture. Then I realized it was a just car covered in snow.

    The ignorance that I have from living in the the south of the US…

    1. I actually thought it was a sand sculpture or cast covered in sand when I first saw it. British Summer starts in March?

  3. I know you hate the snow, but it's just that we don't get that here, and I can't help myself! That's so cool! I want it to snow here! Sorry you are hating it though.
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..Note to self =-.

  4. You probably don't want to hear this, but I'm telling you anyway, because I'm mean*: We're having a really warm week here in Finland!

    * Not really, I'm just jealous we get a chance to wear nice shoes for only about two months a year.

  5. Hi amber, I live in a total different climate from you, We too only have 2 season : HOT and HOTTER. Its our dream to stay in snow area to have experience 4 season, but its not really affordable to do it.

    If you do want hot sun, well, Asia can be considered since pound is high exchange rate for asian dollars and your holiday can stretch longer with the same budget!

    Try : Bali, Phuket, Ko Samui for beach resort or bangkok, hongkong for food and shopping!

  6. I was surprised by yesterday evening's blizzard warnings – just about everyone who got hit has my sympathy.

  7. Okay, so I checked your blog yesterday (as I do every day) and, upon seeing this snow-debacle, just sort of laughed and went "Oh, poor Amber. Thank God *I* don't have to deal with that." Then what happens when I wake up today? SNOW. Or more like BLIZZARD OF COLD ICY DEATH. The roads are a mess, it's freezing outside, everything is covered in white hell. I feel like I've been transported from a sunny getaway to Delta Vega. So Amber, I feel your pain.

  8. visiting scotland this week, i came totally unprepared for the weather except for this good rain jacket. Coming from New England in the states fairs much better weather than here in St. Andrews. My family back home is enjoying 80 degree (farenheit) weather! damn!

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