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From: Peter’s #1 Fan
Sent: 09 March 2010 04:48
To: Magic Amber
Subject: peter

Where is PETER???  we want peter backl Peter had knowledge and opinions that mattered.

Joan is funny, the others are boring  and bland. bring back peter,kate


Peter? PETER? Are you out there, Peter? Because I think Kate wants to speak to you in all lower case, Peter, and she seems to have decided to use me as her intermediary. If you’re reading this, Peter, I’d really appreciate you stepping up to the plate and answering your own Email From Crazy People, and letting me get on with answering mine. You have knowledge and opinions that MATTER, Peter! Use them!

Also, Others? Y’all are boring and bland, BRING BACKL (sic) PETER! Whoever he is.

  1. Hahahahahaa. Wow, crazy people are really into emailing you:) All I ever get (concerning the blog) is tracker-request mails ("come sign up and people will see your blog" yadiyadi yada), yours are way more fun:))

  2. Joan is funny, the others are boring and bland. bring back peter,kate"

    Is is FROM Kate, or does Peter's #1 fan think YOU're Kate? Hmmm..

    1. I'm assuming it's from Kate, but it could well be that it's me who's being addressed as "Kate" – hard to tell, because the email address/name was one of those "pinkpixieprincess1982" style ones, and that's what was in the "name" field. (Well, not THAT, you understand, I made that one up. But it was something like that 🙂 )

  3. Was there a Peter on that Fashion Police show people keep thinking you run? Could be talking about Joan Rivers….

    1. I think it's almost certainly something to do with the E! network, who have also been the bane of my life on Twitter. If I had a pound for every message I've had to type saying, "Nope, you have the wrong Fashion Police, I have nothing to do with that show", I'd have… oooh, about £15, maybe.

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