I’m still on the hunt for long-lasting lipsticks, and, like a Fairy Godmother in my time of need, Collection 2000 sent me some of their Lasting Colour Lipstick to try out.

Take a look under the jump for some swatches:

I’d say the “with flash” photos is probably the truest to colour: these are fairly vivid shades with a slight sheen to them, and of them all, my favourite is ‘Sugar Plum’. Here’s what it looks like on:

Although these are billed as “long lasting” lip colours, they’re definitely not in the same league as some of the other lipsticks I’ve been trying recently, which I guess is to be expected, given the low price. (I actually couldn’t find these online, but Collection 2000 lipsticks are generally only a few pounds each). Here’s what this one looked like after I’d had lunch, and a large mug of coffee:


Not an awful lot of it left, so while I wouldn’t choose this if I was looking for something to stay put all day long, I did love the colour, and the lipsticks have a nice, vaguely floral scent, which Mr Dollface was particularly impressed with when he picked one up out of curiosity, and which reminds me very much of the lipsticks I used to borrow from my mum to play with when I was a kid.

As I said, these don’t seem to be available to buy online yet, but look out for them next time you’re near a Collection 2000 stand!

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