Waterproof mascara? That promises to lift the lashes? This was always going to be one I’d want to try, so when Estee Lauder sent me a sample of their Sumptuous Waterproof Bold Volume Lifting Mascara last week, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The name really tells you everything you need to know about this product. I was sent it in 02 – Brown, but it’s also available in black, and if you prefer a non-waterproof product, well, they do that too. When it comes from mascara, my preference is for products that make the lashes stick up towards the eyebrows (this makes your eyes look much bigger than a product that lengthens but doesn’t lift), and keep them there all day, and to my delight, that’s exactly what this does.

In the image above, my lashes are curled, and I’m wearing mascara on the left eye only, to give you an idea of the difference it makes. This mascara creates a spiky effect, and looks a little clumpy in the image, probably because I layered on quite a bit if it – it’s actually much better after one or two coats, but, me being me, I can never resist adding just one more

This also gives a nice lengthening effect, and because it’s waterproof it doesn’t smudge or run, although it does remove easily enough with my trusty old Boots Botanics Soothing Eye-Makeup Remover.

It costs £18 per tube, and is available from Estee Lauder direct, or anywhere with an Estee Lauder counter.

  1. I wish I could tolerate waterproof mascara. Just to have the ability to hold curl in my lashes would be nice. This mascara looks great, albeit a wee bit spiky. I wonder how it would compare to your favorite Lancome?

  2. The non-waterproof version is MY Holy Grail. I’m using just one layer and the effect is great without being spiky. Oh, and it doesn’t smudge. I was actually waiting for you to give it a try 🙂

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