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Coming Home

Well, folks, we made it. And having only been in the States for about five hours, I'd already bought myself a Zac Posen for Target dress, which I think has to be a personal best for me in the shopping Read more [...]

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Remember when I said I was so relieved to be able to go on holiday despite the best efforts of the ash cloud, that I wasn't even feeling a smidgen of my usual fear of flying? That was before I read Read more [...]

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Three sleeps to go!

Three sleeps to go, people! Three! And you know the one good thing about this whole Ash Cloud O'Doom extravaganza? It means that I'll be so relieved to be getting on that plane on Saturday morning that Read more [...]

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To be reviewed…

Sorry for the lack of posts today, folks: I was suddenly hit with the urge to have a massive clean-out (this happens every time I go on vacation, I swear), and so it was that I spent most of the afternoon Read more [...]

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Under a Dark Cloud

Here's what happened last night: It's not frost, it's SNOW. This was taken at 6am, when Rubin woke us up with his patented "Yapping at 6am for no reason whatsoever" manoeuvre. By the time we actually Read more [...]

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Return of The Panic

Phones. I hate 'em. I know I don't have to explain this to any regular readers, but for those just joining us, I am phone phobic in the extreme, and will go to any lengths to avoid making or receiving Read more [...]

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