The gorgeous, hot weather we’ve been having this week snuck up on me unexpectedly, catching me at a time when I’d let my last application of fake tan fade, and hadn’t gotten around to applying another one. My dazzlingly white skin just wasn’t the right accessory for the various skirts and summer dresses I like to wear when the weather’s sunny, so this weekend I decided to try out Lee Stafford’s Fake My Tan, which has been sitting in a drawer ever since it was sent to me, with the weather not nearly warm enough to justify using it.

This is a fake tan makeup rather than an actual tanner, so it’s perfect for those in-between times when you want bronzed skin in a hurry, and don’t have time to sit around waiting for a regular tan to develop. Applied in the same way you’d apply foundation, it can be used on either the face or the body, and washes off when you’re done with it.

So, what’s it like to use?

The first thing I noticed was that this has a fairly strong smell, although luckily it’s a very pleasant one. I was sent the ‘Light to Medium’ formula, and although it comes out of the tube looking very dark indeed, it goes on a nice, light caramel colour, which you can build up to the colour you require. I found I needed a couple of applications on my legs to make a difference, and would probably have needed another couple if I’d been going for a real sun-kissed look. If I was going to use this again, I’d probably buy the “dark” version, but if it’s a subtle effect you’re looking for, this would be perfect, and as I say, it does layer up.

The consistency is just right – not too creamy, not too runny, although it does take a bit of rubbing in to make sure you don’t end up with streaks: it’s not a product you can just slap on the way you would a body lotion or similar, and you do have to pay attention to what you’re doing, and ideally apply it in front of a mirror, to make sure it’s even.

Once on, however, I found the colour very natural, giving me just the right amount of colour to get rid off the glare. I did discover some residue on my sofa this morning, however, where I’d been sitting with my bare legs tucked under me last night – luckily the sofa is leather, so it just wiped right off! It didn’t come off onto my clothes or towels, though, so that could’ve just been the effects of a hot day!

Overall, I liked this, and think it’s a really handy product to have for those days when the sunshine takes you by surprise – I’d imagine it might also come in useful for covering up those fake tan disasters we all (And by “we all”, I mean “me”) have from time to time!

It’s £8.99 and you can buy it at Boots.

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