I’m lucky enough not to be cursed with too many blemishes (although watch them all jostle for space on my skin now that I’ve said that…) so when these two products dropped through my door, I didn’t initially think I’d be able to review them.

As my lack-of-luck would have it, however, the very next day, I woke up with a giant zit right in the middle of my right cheek. I mean, seriously, who gets zits on their cheeks at my age? Oh yeah, that would be me. Anyway, I immediately reached for the Witch Blemish Stick: I remember buying a similar product as a teenager – in fact, I’m pretty sure it was from the same brand – and this works along the same lines. As you’d expect from Witch, the main ingredient is Witch Hazel, and they’ve become famous for creating products which cleanse, tone and zit-zap using it, so I twisted up the tube, and applied a healthy dose to the offending blemish.

The product itself is light blue, but it goes on clear and has a pleasantly astringent feel to it: I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I use products designed to get rid of spots, I like to actually be able to FEEL them getting to work. It’s almost like that tingly sensation offers proof that the product is, indeed, doing something to zap those zits, and I imagine the cells inside the blemish all throwing their hands up in defeat and dropping down dead. But maybe that’s just me.

I reapplied the stick a couple of times during the day, and again before going to bed, and the next morning I did notice a huge improvement in the status of my zit, which had dried up enough to allow me to conceal it quite effectively. Luckily for me it seems to have been a lone soldier, and it hasn’t been followed by reinforcements, so I can’t say for sure that it was the Blemish Stick that helped, or whether the spot simply died of natural causes, but it did seem to clear up much quicker than would normally be the case, so the Blemish Stick has earned its place in my bathroom cabinet for now at least.

Following my success with the first product, I decided to give the Cleansing & Toning Wipes a go, so I started using them the next day and have now almost finished the pack. Again, these contain witch hazel, and I’m sure no one will be surprised to hear that they’re designed to both cleanse and tone your skin.

Now, I’ve never really used wipes before, preferring more traditional cream or soap-based cleansers, but I think I’ve become a convert. What appeals to me most about these is the simplicity of them: there’s no need to use a separate cleanser and toner, or to get out a wash cloth or sponge (which then has to be cleaned), you simply pull out a wipe, use it to clean your face, and you’re done. These don’t have the astringency of the Blemish Stick, but they do leave my skin feeling fresh and invigorated, and I may be odd, but I also like being able to see the residue on the wipe – it may be yucky, but at least it lets you know your skin is clean!

Both of these products are available at Boots and Superdrug, with the Blemish Stick retailing for £2.69 while the Cleansing & Toning Wipes are £3.99.

  1. I bought the blemish stick after reading this review, and I think I’m a bit addicted to it! It’s definitely keeping any spots at bay xx

  2. Hrmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I wanted to say that it’s nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the first place that told me the answer. Thanks.

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