Well, I’m back from my vacation, and I have loads of new products which I had intended to start trying out and photographing for you this week, but sadly for me, beauty products (and, er, shoes and dresses) weren’t the only thing I brought back from the States: I also have a horrible summer cold, complete with red nose, chapped lips and bloodshot eyes – lovely!

I’m leaving the makeup off today, then, and concentrating on topping up my moisturiser and drinking lots of water, but while I wait for my face to start to look (more or less ) human again, here’s a quick review of the product I’ve been wearing on it almost constantly for the past three weeks – sun block!

Now, as regular readers know, I consider sunblock to be the most important item in my beauty arsenal (yes, even more important than mascara): I prefer dry spray for the body, but always use creams on my face, so when a bottle of Delphi’s SPF 50 Young & Delicate Sun Block arrived on my desk a few days before my vacation, it went straight into the suitcase. Of course, my skin is neither young nor particularly delicate, and as you can probably tell by the name of this, it’s actually designed for children. This matters not at all to be, though: actually, a lot of my sun protection products are designed for kids, purely because children’s lines tend to come with a much higher SPF and great water resistance, and when your skin is as pale as mine, you take all the protection you can get, even if it does come in a kiddie-themed package.

Thankfully, though, there’s nothing remotely childlike about the packaging of this, and the 100ml tub is the perfect size to pop in your handbag and carry around with you. It’s water resistant, and although it is rather thick and white, I found that it absorbed easily enough, and didn’t look too greasy on, which is a problem I have with almost every sun block I use. As an added bonus, it has a pleasant, citrus scent, which makes a nice change from the more chemical smells I’m used to in high factor creams.

I wore this on my face and neck every day for the three weeks of my vacation, and emerged without a touch of sunburn, even although I spent a lot of time in the pool/ocean, so I’d say it did its job well, too. If you want to try it out, it’s available here, for £6.12.

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  1. I use children’s sunscreen too, as the combination of SPF 50+ and a higher water resistance isn’t something you often find in other ones (though I think I saw a Nivea one in Superdrug the other day).

    I find it difficult to find high protection for my face, which is oily and sensitive. Would you be able to recommend anything?

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