I almost always wear red lipstick. It’s a bit of a trademark of mine, and on days like today, when I wake up late and grumpy, still feeling the effects of jet lag and a summer cold, and I just can’t be bothered putting on a full face of makeup (or, er, washing my hair), I absolutely swear by a quick swipe of red lippy to create an instantly more polished look – even when “polished” is the last thing you feel.

Red lipstick is hard to maintain, though, which is why I’ve started to turn my attention more towards lip stains these days. Enter MAC’s Pro Longwear Lip Stain Marker, which I picked up on vacation, having read mixed reviews of it. As the name implies, this comes in the form of a marker pen:

I know some people dislike the “felt tip” nib, but I’m actually quite keen on it. Because this is a fairly bright colour it’s not one you can use without liner, but the tip of the pen is hard and fine enough to line the lips with before “colouring them in”.

The colour I chose was ‘Purposefully Red’, which is a fairly classic bright red. There are quite a few reds in this collection, though, and to be honest, I didn’t feel that there was a huge amount of difference between some of them – there were quite a few I’d probably have been equally happy with, and I was torn between this one and “A Classic”, the deciding factor being purely the fact that the MAC store I was in at the time only had this one in stock. I’ve made a mental note to try out some more of these when this one runs, out, though (which will probably be soon, at the rate I’ve been using it).

As for the application, at first I felt it was a little on the watery side, making it harder than usual to get even, but this tends to be the case with stains, and I got used to it very quickly, to the point where it now goes on very easily. It’s comfortable to wear, and not nearly as drying as lipstick (particularly longwear lipstick, which can really play havoc with your lips), and I love the way it looks when it’s just been applied. In terms of staying power, it doesn’t last quite as long as some other “long lasting” lipsticks I’ve tried: I get probably about 3 – 4 hours worth of “normal” wear out of it, which includes eating and drinking – it would last longer if you abstained from both, but there’s no fun in that, obviously.

I did find that it was less resistant to food and drink than I was expecting, too, so it’s not fantastic as a stain, but on the plus find, I don’t find it remotely drying, love the colours and can’t feel it on my lips at all, so it’s one I will probably be re-purchasing. It’s $16 from MAC.

  1. This looks a lot like a Cover Girl long-wear lipstain I’ve been using. I wonder how similar they are, since CG is usually a lot cheaper than MAC…

  2. I really like lip stains – so much less hassle than lipstick. My favourite lip stain is by Pixi, and it’s called ‘love’. A very orangey/red shade with a pointed felt tip – v.easy to apply xx

  3. Like Karen said, this really reminds me of the Covergirl lipstain that I have. Though I seem to get longer wear out of that one than you did with the Mac stuff, but I suppose that depends on what you are doing all day and how much eating and drinking you do.

    There was a type of lipstain I really liked, I think it was revlon, it had a roll on applicator, I think it was something like Just Bitten or something along those lines. They had this really gorgeous shade called Blood Orange. (after googling it I see that they’ve come out with a line that looks like the felt tip style but it has balm with it, may have to see about that)

    1. I’ve got one of those Covergirl Outlast Lipstains- I think it’s in Everbloom Kiss. And to be honest, I’ve always found it completely useless. It doesn’t seem to last. to be honest, it may be the fact that it tastes sort of good, but that can’t be all of it!

      But it’s actually the only Covergirl product I own and I’m not sure if I like their stuff at all- I do trust MAC however so this might be something worth looking into!

  4. Do you know that they were limited edition? They don’t do any lipstain markers in the permanent line, so you may want to stock up as most places sold out a while ago.

  5. Have you tried bourjois’s lipstains? They’re called rouge hi-tech and apply with a gloss applicator. I’ve got Rouge Futuriste and Rose Pixel, the Rose colour is darker and really pretty. They don’t last too well for me, but then again I’m not used to wearing lip colour.

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