The launch of their new makeup line last month made the Topshop website even more dangerous to my bank balance than it was previously, and hey, look: now they’re even selling mini hair straighteners, too!

Teeny-weeny straighteners are something I’ve had on my Wish List for a while now – my regular sized ones are a little too heavy to travel with, especially given the equally teeny-tiny luggage allowances most airlines seem to give you these days, so these would be ideal. Sure, at this size they’re probably not going to be idea for those of you with a full head of hair that needs straightened every day, but if you’re like me, and really only need to run your straighteners over your fringe, and the shorter strands at the front, they could just be a good buy for £10.

Plus, they come in a red polka dot case (and other colours/designs too), so at least you know they’ll LOOK the part!

They’re £10, and you can buy them here.

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  1. I’ve never felt the need to use hair straightners in my life, in fact I hate them. However i now feel a terrible need for these…they’re wee, and they’re dotty. What’s not to love.

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