(I am never so happy as I am when I’m on holiday…)

Whoops, by going on holiday, I’ve gone and lost all my readers again. For those of you still grimly hanging on in there a) thank you! and b) I’m just popping in to say that I took pity on you, sucked it up and coughed up the money to renew my Flickr Pro account, so I could post all one million and twelvty of my holiday photos over there, rather than forcing you all to sit through them here, like one of those boring relatives who drinks all your tea and talks for hours about their awesome! vacation! I would never do that, obviously. I’d drink all of your wine instead…

Anyway, since I’ve been home, absolutely nothing has happened. Seriously, nothing. I HATE being home. On Sunday night, I woke up in an absolute panic, totally unable to work out where I was, and convinced that the mirrored wardrobe doors (I HATE mirrored wardrobe doors) in front of me were actually windows. I was terrified. And then, when I finally realised that I was, in fact, in my own bed, in my own home? I was gutted.

(Then last night? Last night Terry woke up to find me standing at the bottom of the bed, absolutely hysterical, and screaming at him to GET OUT OF BED NOW BECAUSE OMG THERE IS TOTALLY A CRAB IN THERE!” The calmer he remained, the more hysterical I became (I mean, for God’s sake, CRAB! In the BED!), until he finally had to force me to sit down (me making “crab eyes” at the corner of the bed the whole time, and repeat veeeerrryyy sssllooowwwllly that there was. no. crab. in. the. bed. And I didn’t believe him, so I went to take refuge in the bathroom, and it was only once I got there, with the light switched on, that I started to think that hey, maybe that crab I saw wasn’t actually real. I still checked for it when I got back to bed though.)

Anyway, the photos are here. If you make it through them all, congratulations, you have better stamina than me. I’m pretty sure there are shots there that I even I couldn’t be bothered looking at. Also, someone found my blog today after searching for “Forever Amber’s shoes” so rather than disappoint that person and risk turning away a potential reader (HI! Come in! Pull up a chair! Would you like to see my holiday snaps?), here are the shoes I bought on my second-last day in Florida:

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa. On sale. Want them in every colour now.

(I’ve just realised that that person may have been searching for shoes belonging to the heroine of the BOOK Forever Amber. In which case, this will have been a crushing disappointment, for sure…)

P.S. My cold is a little better, but the coughing would be keeping me awake at night if I wasn’t still on American time, and lying awake all night anyway, watching for CRABS.

P.P.S. Sanford Airport never replied to my email about my jacket. Curses.

  1. Am I allowed to be disappointed that there aren't more holiday pics on the blog? I don't want you to feel pressurised, or that you can't win (although you know by now you can't…) but I'm nosy enough to LIKE sitting through other people's photos. Selective other people, anyway…

    Good to have you back! 😀

    1. haha! I actually did put together a post with a massive gallery of all of the photos, but my holiday/photo posts always get so few comments I figured everyone hated them, so I didn't post it! I'll maybe bring back Friday Photo and feature a few of them as a happy medium 🙂

      (I actually like looking at people's photos, too – stuff like that has always fascinated me for some reason…)

  2. I'm afraid I've been subjected to so many Florida pictures in the past (by my mother) that I only had a brief look. Am I right in thinking Terry's kitten/alligator pose was with the plastic version?

    Sorry to read about the sleep disturbances. At least you don't bark and snarl like I do, so no worries about ending up having to share with Rubin instead of Terry… 😉

    Oh, and those shoes look lovely – it's the heel that has just the right small dose of chunkiness. Presumably they're constructed with some other material on the inside so they don't feel at all rubbery to walk on?

    1. No, the aligator was a real one, it's just posing like plastic. And no, the heel doesn't feel rubbery – I think it's just a "normal" heel on the inside.

  3. I am so complete and utterly jealous right now. Actually I'm jealous of everyone that is going on holiday. Can't think why, couldn't be because I have not had a real holiday in 'forever'.

    But seriously love the photos! Me being me my favorite on is of the tiny donkey finger puppet. And I'm glad you had a good holiday despite the cold and loss of jacket.

    Oh and your crab dream sounds a lot like my kind of dreams, I call them night terrors. I wake up half way across the room or in the hallway and it takes me around 20min to convince myself there is no scary spider like creature in my bed. Of course I still have to check every inch of it before I can get back under the covers. Up until now I hadn't found another person who had these types of dreams.

  4. I have the crab dream!!!

    Only in my case it's giant robot spiders running across my pillow. I normally have to be prised away from the light switch. I reckon I could outrun an olympic sprinter trying to get away from the giant robot spiders.

  5. I love looking at other peoples holiday pics…..when does it verge on being too nosy???

    At least your crab dream had some verve to it….let me tell you about the most boring dream evah!

    Last night (and most nights) one of my kittys scritches at the bedroom door for attention/food/go out etc etc, so at 3am I got up to see what she wanted. Yet again she couldn't decide so I laid on the sofa for a bit and snozzed for half an hour. Once she'd decided that yes she was just going to sit on the chair for now I went back up to bed.

    I then DREAMT about being downstairs with the cat deciding what it wanted to do, I was also trying to stop a stereo that we don't have anymore from automatically coming on and waking everyone.

    I had the "where am I?" moment as I wasn't sure if I was downstairs on the sofa or in bed. at least you got to go to Florida momentarily…I was downstairs!

    And then the cat did the scritch-scritch thing again and LO…I was back downstairs!

    Sorry, I've waffled in your blog. I'll clean it up in a minute!!

  6. Well, I think I might have said to you on Twitter when you bought the shoes that I love them – but I do. I tried them on in Selfridges and my skinny little heels slipped out the back in the 5 and I'm a dink, so it didn't even occur to me to try on the 4. Which is what I'm going to go back and do, because I love them (and also because I've bought lots of size 4 shoes recently, which leads me to wonder if my feet have actually shrunk) No decisions on colour yet but, like you, I need the shoes-with-hearts-on in my life!

    1. Oh, definitely try the smaller size if you like them, they come up really small! I ordered them last year in my usual size (4) and they were huge – I looked like Minnie Mouse in them, and my heel just kept slipping out the back. These are a size 3, and fit perfectly. I want more now 🙂

      I'm also finding my shoe size varies these days, though. I used to be able to pick up a size 4 anywhere and know they'd fit, but these days I can be anything from a 3 to a 5, and there seems to be no way of knowing which it's going to be. I think it's Them, not us!

      1. It must be Them because how could feet shrink?! I've found it with Irregular Choice shoes – in fact I remember you commenting on a blog I wrote about how my feet kept flapping around in a size 5 pair I'd bought. It makes buying shoes online suddenly really risky. Anyway, yes – I'm definitely going to try on those shoes in a 4, definitely! x

  7. I love looking at the holiday photos! I’m always jealous when looking through them, and feel like I’m being nosey but hey-ho. I will be looking through flickr later! I’ve been away the last week myself but am definitely still reading! Like Roisin and yourself I have been buying a lot of smaller sized shoes recently, so maybe companies have started making their shoes smaller, I see no reason for it but I’m now mainly a 5 rather than a 6.
    Also I literally got back from my holiday yesterday and it already feels like absolutely ages ago, this makes me very depressed.

  8. Oh I'm still lurking here, this is the first comment I've ever posted on a blog (considering that most that I've come across are a bit boring) but this one is entertaining and features everything I love. Including that dress, and the hair oo la la! <3 Which is making me want to start up my own blog, hmmm… 😉

    I'm quite jealous of the holiday photos and shoes, the budget I live on at the moment means that the only time I can afford Viv Westwood is in the sale and/or eBay 🙁

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