Because I’m far too lazy for the maintenance that goes into self-tanning on a regular basis, I tend to only hit the bottle when I absolutely have to: i.e. when I know I’m going to be baring my legs without the benefit of tights, trousers, or anything else that successfully masks their deathly paleness. Living in Scotland, of course, means that this doesn’t happen very often at all, because most of the time it’s way too cold for that kind of malarky. By the time you read this, however, I’ll (hopefully) be on holiday in Florida, enjoying a rare blast of heat on my cold, pale limbs, and this means that I’ll be applying my gradual self-tanner every couple of days.

To start with, everything will run smoothly. After the first week, though, I’ll start to run into problems. The first couple of self-tan applications, you see, will get old. They’ll start to flake off, and look patchy and nasty, and I’ll start to look a little bit like I have some kind of terrifying skin disease, particularly on the chest, which is where this flaking will be most obvious. Simply applying more tanner over the top will fix the problem for a little while… but only for a little while. Exfoliating helps too, but it doesn’t completely remove the oldest, patchiest areas of tan, which means that by the end of my three-week stay, I’ll probably have given up altogether, and will be in the process of allowing myself to return to my natural, pasty shade, getting rid of all that build-up before beginning the process all over again.

If only I had some of  St. Tropez’ Tan Detox. This is a bath oil that helps rid your skin of self-tan buildup, getting rid of the accumulation of old self-tanner, and leaving your skin soft, smooth, natural… and ready for the next application of tanner, if you so desire. Because it’s a bath oil, the whole process should actually be pleasant and relaxing, too, which is another bonus as those aren’t words I’m used to using in connection with fake tan.

The downside of this is that it’s fairly expensive at £25 per bottle, although they have thrown in an exfoliating cloth, too. If you want to try it out, it’s available at Harrods and QVC.

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  1. I have never experienced a tan build up. I am somewhat tan and live in Northern California, and in winter I fake tan every other day or every third day, and normal exfoliation takes off any build up.

    The fake tan reviews are the main reason I come over here from forever amber, although right now I am very loyal to my zia (face) and jergens (body)

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