As longtime readers will know, when it comes to mascara, I’m all about the curl – or about holding the curl in place, anyway. A product can lengthen and thicken as much as it wants, but there’s nothing like a bit of curl to widen and emphasise the eye, so if my mascara doesn’t lock the curl I get from my trusty eyelash curlers in place, it’s of no use to me whatsoever.

This is why I rate Lancome’s waterproof mascara’s so highly, and it’s also why when I was sent a tube of Boots 17’s Wild Curl Mascara, which claims to hold curl for up to ten hours, I was really keen to try it.

It looks like this:

Suitably “wild”, no?

The brush looks like this:

And my eyelashes? They look like this:

(Apologies for the grey-scaling of the photo: the colours came out really weird in this one, and I looked like an alien.)

For the sake of comparison, here’s a shot of my eyelashes without mascara, from last year:

As you can see, it’s not bad, but… it’s not amazing either. I found that when I curled my lashes, the product, like almost every other mascaras I’ve tried (with the notable exceptions of my Lancome waterproofs), dragged the curl out almost immediately. The good news is that it DID put back some curl of its own, but only after a few coats, and by then it had started to clump a little. The curl it added, however, did hold fast for the rest of the day, so that particular curl proved to be correct. Sadly for me, I’ve been thoroughly spoiled by Hypnose Drama, and, because I like my lashes to look as dramatic as possible at all times, would always rather save up and buy that. This isn’t a bad budget mascara, though – I have used it quite a few times this week, and for £5.99, I think it’s a pretty good buy.

I just won’t be giving up my Hypnose for it!

Buy it at Boots.

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  1. I’m a curl freak with my mascara too! And i’m obsessed with length and non clumpiness. But that’s pretty normal i guess. And i think you need to try Natio’s maximum curl mascara. I found it about a month ago and i’m totally obsessed with it. I don’t know about getting it in the UK… It’s an aussie brand. But you should look out for it. It’s cheap too, i got it for about $14 over here.

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