Back From the Blogging Brink

So, this is awkward, isn’t it? I mean, it’s been so long: we’ve lost touch, drifted apart. Some of you have probably changed your names and taken on new identities so you don’t have to pretend to read this site any more. I would imagine many of you will have deleted your bookmarks/RSS subscriptions, muttering something about how “this is the final nail in the coffin” and there are plenty of other blogs in the sea, you know! Yes, I know, I know.

When I stopped updating this site, back in June, I had actually intended the break to be a permanent one, for reasons that are too long, boring and painfully introspective to go into here.  And I will be honest: many of those reasons are still relevant, so I’m not sure how long this return to personal blogging  is going to last. I’m going to give it another go, though, mostly because my parents said they missed this site, and I have to keep them sweet or I’ll have absolutely no chance of finally getting that pony. So here I am, with a shiny new site design and everything. A fresh start!

I was going to make this post all about the various things I got up to during my summer of Not Blogging. But then I cast my mind back over the past few weeks and… well, I got nothing, folks. It’s been the rainiest, and most uneventful summer I can remember in years, and actually, it’s a good job I didn’t bother to blog about it, because that really wouldn’t have been fun for any of us. Let’s hope I lose something soon, or have my photo stolen by an Amber-impersonator or something, hmm?

Anyway, despite the uneventfulness of the summer, I seem to have lots and lots of posts lined up, so I hope you’ll stick around to read them – or at least to nod and smile, and pretend that you’ve been reading them.

Now, what have I missed?

(P.S. I do know that it’s not quite September yet, despite what it says on the banner. Like the boy scouts, I like to be prepared…)