So, this is awkward, isn’t it? I mean, it’s been so long: we’ve lost touch, drifted apart. Some of you have probably changed your names and taken on new identities so you don’t have to pretend to read this site any more. I would imagine many of you will have deleted your bookmarks/RSS subscriptions, muttering something about how “this is the final nail in the coffin” and there are plenty of other blogs in the sea, you know! Yes, I know, I know.

When I stopped updating this site, back in June, I had actually intended the break to be a permanent one, for reasons that are too long, boring and painfully introspective to go into here.  And I will be honest: many of those reasons are still relevant, so I’m not sure how long this return to personal blogging  is going to last. I’m going to give it another go, though, mostly because my parents said they missed this site, and I have to keep them sweet or I’ll have absolutely no chance of finally getting that pony. So here I am, with a shiny new site design and everything. A fresh start!

I was going to make this post all about the various things I got up to during my summer of Not Blogging. But then I cast my mind back over the past few weeks and… well, I got nothing, folks. It’s been the rainiest, and most uneventful summer I can remember in years, and actually, it’s a good job I didn’t bother to blog about it, because that really wouldn’t have been fun for any of us. Let’s hope I lose something soon, or have my photo stolen by an Amber-impersonator or something, hmm?

Anyway, despite the uneventfulness of the summer, I seem to have lots and lots of posts lined up, so I hope you’ll stick around to read them – or at least to nod and smile, and pretend that you’ve been reading them.

Now, what have I missed?

(P.S. I do know that it’s not quite September yet, despite what it says on the banner. Like the boy scouts, I like to be prepared…)

  1. Heehee, very cool. I really like the new layout 🙂 I had no idea you had planned on not blogging here anymore, that would have been a shame, really! Glad you're back though! Best wishes from just-as-rainy Germany!

  2. Yay! We all missed you! I for one will still be reading, althoiugh equally there is no pressure to carry it on if you don’t want to! Just make sure you stay around the blogosphere, pwetty please?!

  3. Hurrah! Very pleased to see you back. Any chance of a post from Rubinman too? (not that I’ve missed your dog even more than you of course….)

  4. Sorry, folks, Rubin definitely won't be returning to the blogosphere – I just don't have time for any more sites (although if I'd known he was so popular I'd have revived Rubinman rather than this one 🙂 )

  5. Yay you’re back! I’ve missed this site too, I keep recommending it to people as it’s so funny. Hope you decide to stick around here.

  6. I love the new layout! Um, nothing is new with me. I am a sucky blogger so I haven’t even taken the time from my sleeping schedule to update my own blog. Love reading yours though!

  7. So glad you're going to give it another try! You're one of my favorite bloggers and I always gobble up these posts. Your other blogs are lovely but it's not quite the same…

    The new design is very spiffy!

  8. Thanks for the comments, everyone. I hope you're all still as enthusiastic when you see the length of the post I have coming up later this week – my hands still hurt!

  9. I am happy to see you again, I had been checking the blog these last days, wondering why google reader didn't show any new posts. Am looking forward to those long posts.

  10. Great to see you back and with a fabulous layout to boot! Can't wait for the big, long post! I feel certain that hilarity will ensue!

  11. It's great to see you back! I've always enjoyed your writing style and look forward to reading more posts (mundane, insane…it's all good!)

  12. Omg Amber, I did get my named changed while you've been away. I got married and then when I got back from the honeymoon I thought my computer was broken because I wasn't getting any new blogs from you. However, I have been reading shoeperwoman. I seriously thought something was wrong with my google account. I'm so glad to read your words once more. Love yeah!

  13. It's all safe Amber, it was September by the time I got here! I'm glad you are back, I (as many other people have said) like your blog. I feel that blogging should be for the person (in this case: you), if you're not enjoying don't do it… even though we would all miss you terrible!

  14. Yeay, i missed your blog – even though i am a bit of a bad commenter i always read and there has been a little Amber shaped hole in my blog reads over the summer

  15. Hey, welcome back!

    I'm glad you decided to come back to this blog. I truly like the way you write and I kind of missed you.

    It's good to have you back! 😀

  16. Glad you are back I I really love the new look to the blog especially the purty header. Oh, and you are still in my 'Must Read' folder on Google Reader (I use the handy bookmarklet to click through to each site though so I can actually read the posts in all their glory!) so I will still be reading for as long as you can bear to blog! x

  17. I'm glad you're back! Your other sites are great but I missed your personal blog. I know internet menaces, picture thieves and trolls have made blogging miserable for you at times, which sucks, obviously, but I do think you have more fans than haters. xx

  18. You're back! (Tries not to jump up and down and scream like a little girl)

    I've missed your musings and snarking, and will be checking often to see what's coming the next weeks.

    It's funny really, I've never been one to read personal blogs, but I keep coming back to your blog, I even discuss posts with my boyfriend.

    I think there is something about the sincere style you write in, and that I can so often relate to what you're writing about. It never seems like you're trying to make out your life to be special or unique, you just write.

    1. Thank you, that's a really huge compliment to me, because that's exactly what I'm aiming to do with this blog – it's always really lovely to hear from people who "get" it 🙂

  19. Amber, I’m SO glad that you decided to carry on the blog, selfishly because I really missed reading it, and because y’know … the pony 🙂

    I don’t comment a lot because I tend to read via my RSS reader but yours are always amongest my favourites and I promise I *am* reading (and enjoying the redesign. Very pretty)

  20. You could make this a laid-back blog: post updates only when you feel like it. That way we'll still be able to read your funny stories, and you won't have the stress of feeling you need to find something to write every couple of days.

  21. So glad your back, I kept checking back every week to read your funny and inspiring posts. In fact it was your blogs that reminded me how much fun they can be and started me reading them all again. I know have a whole folder dedicated to blogs! (Yours are all still at the top)

  22. I'm glad you're back. It's always refreshing to see somone struggle through the ordinary obstacles of everyday-life with so much wit. It reminds me not to take the little problems not so seriously. Love all your blogs.

  23. I'm so glad you aren't stopping writing this blog! I got a bit fearful, when you didn't update after the day before my birthday. I can imagine if you are busy this is the blog you have to let slip because it's not a business one, but I love reading it. I end up telling my mum and husband what you and Terry have been up to and we love your style of writing here.

    You haven't said what your long, boring and painfully introspective reasons are but since you mention comment moderation, maybe turning this into an invite only site, where not every Tom, Dick or Harry can see all your personal life

    Maybe Rubin could do the odd guest post? xx

    1. How rude of me not to say I like the new layout and you look very pretty in your photos too. I'm a bit worried I might get lost, but I'll get used to it! xx

  24. I'm a bit late (I'd stopped checking each day to see if you were back a few weeks ago! LOL!) but I'm glad to see you back for now!


  25. Oh, I am so glad you are back! I know we still had your wit and funny observations on the other sites, but this was always my favorite of your blogs.

  26. Yeah, you're back!!!! ( your blog is the only personal blog I really enjoy reading ). So a big thank-you for the long & funny updates 🙂

  27. Hi Amber,

    I'm glad you're back here too, and I hope you stay awhile. Honestly, Forever Amber and one other are the inspirations behind my decision to start my own personal blog earlier this summer, never mind the inspiration your Shoeperwoman blog has provided for me to expand my collection of pretty shoes. 🙂

  28. Ah! I’m late reading this. Obviously because I haven’t been checking all that often. I’m so happy you’re back on this one! I love this blog. 🙂

  29. It’s the first I’m leaving you a comment (sorry for that!). I found your blog accidentally when I was looking for a pair of Louboutin that I love (even though they cost more than my college and there’s no way I can afford them), and I’ve wanted to comment since then. I have to confess that I have absolutely fall in love with your outfits (I particularly love the stripes and dots on clothes) and also I think you’re a really good writer, I love your style and the simplicity of your writing. I love Rubinman blog’s too! (he is so C.U.T.E!)

    Enough with the rambling. I decided to leave a comment today because today I bought my very first pair of heels! They’re black with white dots and I wanted to thank you, because, you see, I’m almost 22 years and I’ve been wanting to update my closet (and shoe collection) for a while now so it can fit my age and the way I feel now, and you inspired that. So, again, thank you. And I really hope you continue writing this blog, but only if you want to =)

    Sorry for the grammar, but I’m peruvian and english is not my mother tongue! (I’ve just got an A in my FCE, so that must mean I’m improving, right?)

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