Review: Boots No. 7 Exceptional Definition Mascara

Boots No. 7′s Exceptional Definition Mascara claims it’s about to “transform the way women wear mascara”. Naturally, then, I was as excited as a kid at Christmas when it landed on my desk, because a new mascara? That’s going to give me defined, fluttery lashes? Bring it on, Boots!

The key to this product is the brush, the purpose of which is threefold:

As you can see, the top of the brush is your standard, bristle-covered mascara wand, designed to allow you to apply the product and add volume to your lashes. If you look at the bottom of the photo above, however, you’ll see that the opposite side of the brush has smaller. comb-like bristles: these are there to allow you to comb through the lashes after application, ensuring that the product is distributed evenly, with no clumping.

Finally, the top of the brush is rounded, to allow you to get right into the corners:

This third point is the thing that makes the biggest difference for me. That rounded end really is fantastic at getting into the corners of the eye, and it’s also ideal for coating the lower lashes, so I did feel I managed to get the product onto more of my lashes than is the case with many other mascaras. The “comb” side was a little less successful for me: while it’s a great idea in theory, I found that once the brush was coated with mascara, the comb wasn’t quite as effective as it could have been, although the mascara did go on very smoothly anyway, and without clumping, so in fairness, I didn’t really need a comb anyway.

As for what it looks like on, here are my eyelashes without mascara:


And here they are after a couple of coats of Exceptional Definition Mascara (and some eyeliner):

Again, I had issues with this not holding curl particularly well, but that’s to be expected with a non-waterproof formula, and other than that, I was impressed. This also contains ingredients lie cashmere keratin and hydrolyzed soy protein to condition and nourish the lashes, and enhance the length, so continued use will apparently make your natural lashes look better – obviously I can’t comment on that yet, because I haven’t used it often enough, but this is a growing trend with mascaras, so I suspect we can expect to see a lot more products which condition while they beautify.

If you want to try this out for yourself, it’s £12.50, is available in black and brown/black, and is available at Boots from August 11th, otherwise known as “tomorrow”.