I don’t often wear eye shadow. This week, however, I’ve become something of a convert, and have been wearing Max Factor’s Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow, which (disclosure coming up!) was sent to me as a press sample. As you can see from the image, this aims to simply the smoky eye, and takes a two-pronged approach to doing so. On one end of the tube, you have your base colour:

While on the other end, there’s a darker colour for shading and lining:

There are six different colour combinations to choose from here: I was sent “Bronze Haze”, which is a nice, neutral combination of gold and brown:

The product itself has a soft, creamy texture, which glides on smoothly and is easy to blend in. The paler colour is used on the eyelid:

While the darker colour goes on the lashline, and smudges into the corners of the eyes, to create the “smoky” effect:

(I did quite a bit of blending here to tone it down for daytime…)

Add some of the darker colour along the lower lashes, and slap on some mascara, and you’re done:

Overall, this is really quick and easy to use, even for someone like me, who doesn’t often use eye shadow. It terms of staying power, without a primer it does tend to slide into the eye socket after a while: with my Urban Decay primer, however, it stays put pretty well, and creates a nice, subtle look that you can easily ramp up a bit by using a little more of the darker of the two colours.

I like it enough to have been using it all week, which is something of a departure for me, and I’d be curious to see what the other colours are like, too.

If you want to give it a try, this is £7.99 at Boots – click here to buy!

  1. It looks great! For you the best match, I guess – I also have fair skin and I tried the black/white (kind of grey on skin) combo, and… it was really very dark . But it’s practical, fast to apply!

  2. Cover Girl has the exact same thing here in the States. I bought one, and loved it for an hour, but I found that it didn’t stay in place. By the end of the work day, all the color had folded up into the crease of my eyelid…. not pretty. And sad, because I love the look at the ease of the sticks!

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