As my fellow unibrow owners will understand, you need a lot of light to keep the beast under control – in fact, many’s the time I’ve found myself pressed up against a window, or balancing on a chair to get closer to the electric light, just so I can make sure I’ve caught every last straggler. It’s not always an easy task, so these illuminated tweezers by La Tweez look like the kind of thing that could really help a girl out.

This is another one of those “so simple it’s amazing everyone isn’t doing it” ideas. The tweezers come with an ultra-bright LED light in the centre of them, which will illuminate the brow and allow to to identify every last offending hair. They also come with a case which has a magnifying mirror built-in to make it even easier, and if, like me, you’re prone to leaving electrical items switched on until the battery dies, don’t worry – these automatically switch off after seven minutes to keep the battery alive.

These cost £15, come in black, white and hot pink and are available at  Boots, John Lewis, House of Fraser, Lakeland and

Bye-bye unibrow!

  1. hello, I’d like to by some pro illuminating tweezers but I can’t find it here in Rome…
    is it possible to buy it online? or can maybe you say me where I can find it here in Italy?
    thankyou very much.

  2. That is a GREAT idea. Currently, I pluck my eyebrows with a flashlight held by my chin pointing up (like I’m telling a ghost story). The hairs really catch the light that way and I manage to do a pretty good job. I usually take tweezers everywhere I go, but not always a flashlight so this would be quite useful! Why didn’t I think of it??

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