[Disclosure: these products were sent to me as review samples]

I love Johnson’s. Their famous Baby Lotion is one of my constantly repurchased products: no matter how many other skin lotions I try, nothing is guaranteed to make my legs quite as soft as good ol’ Johnson’s, so I’ve come to associate the brand with great quality, no fuss products that do exactly what they’re supposed to while generally only costing a couple of pounds. (I also wear their contact lenses, but that’s neither here nor there…)

A new skincare line from the brand was always going to be of interest to me, then, and I’ve been using four products from the Daily Essentials line for the past couple of weeks. As you can see from the image above, there’s quite a lot of choice with this line, and it’s available for normal, dry and combination skin. I was sent some of the products from the “normal” line (I’d class my skin as combination: oily on the t-zone, dry under the eyes, normal everywhere else), those being:

Daily Essentials Refreshing Gel Wash, £2.99

The first time I used this product , I actually thought I’d opened the exfoliator by mistake, as the clear gel has tiny pink particles through it which help lift dirk and makeup off your skin. Despite how that sounds, this is very gentle on the skin: it gets rid of a faceful of makeup and the residue of my mascara (which I always use eye-makeup remover on as it’s waterproof) without any problem, and my skin felt smooth and soft afterwards, with none of the tightness I experience with some harsher cleaners. It also smells lovely, as do all of the products in this range, which makes it that bit more pleasant to use.

Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Wash, £2.99

Needless to say, this one actually IS an exfoliator: it’s a white liquid with very fine particles (“micro beads”, the package informs me) to slough away dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling refreshed. The texture feels almost like very fine particles of sand: as with the gel wash, it’s not remotely harsh, and is a nice little pick-me-up for the skin, which I’ve been using a couple of times per week.

Daily Essentials Hydrating 24 Hour Day Cream
Daily Essentials Rehydrating Night Cream  – £3.99 each

I’ve lumped these two products together, because going by the look and feel of them alone, there’s not much to tell the difference between them: they’re both a light, creamy texture, they both smell divine, and while I would expect the night cream to be a little “heavier”, for extra nourishment while you sleep, in practice I honestly don’t see much difference. Where I know there IS a difference is in the fact that the day cream contains SPF15, which is always good news for me (and I’m constantly amazed by how many skincare products still don’t contain an SPF of some kind). I’ve really been enjoying using both of these: texture and scent combined make you feel like you’re giving your skin a treat, and they’re easily absorbed, non-greasy, and while I can’t claim to see any obvious difference in my skin since I’ve been using them, they’ve kept it feeling soft and hydrated, and I have no complaints at all – in fact, quite the opposite: I think the low price and high quality makes these excellent value for money.

If you want to give them a try, the range is available from the usual mix of chemists and supermarkets: click here to view it at Boots.

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  1. I love pretty much everything Johnson’s make, except their 3 in 1 eye make up remover which I didn’t like at all. But I’ll definitely be trying out the day moisturiser you mentioned – sounds good to me!

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