Lovely Roisin  (whose blog you should totally be reading, by the way) nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award last week, and because there’s apparently no limit to the trivia I can divulge about myself on the Internet, I am dutifully following the instructions to share seven little-known facts about myself. You are welcome, Internet!

1. I haven’t seen my toenails without red nail polish for about ten years now.

OK, that’s a lie. Sometimes I wear pink nail polish. And obviously I have to remove it in order to, er, replace it. And to treat my nails with that stuff that stops them turning yellow from all the polish. But in general, I always, always, have to have my toenails painted. I feel naked without it. It’s making me feel weird just thinking about it… (Yes, I know it’s bad for my nails. I will give them a break soon. Probably.)

2. When Terry was ill, I used to read the last chapter of ever new book I acquired first, to make sure no one died in it. 

You already know this if you’ve read my Bucket List, but I don’t handle death well, and when Terry was ill, I handled it even less well than the not-even-remotely-well way that I handle it now. I couldn’t watch movies or read books in which people died, or they would reduce me to a hysterical, sobbing mess, and I wouldn’t be able to sleep for the rest of the week. I couldn’t even THINK about Bambi’s mother without almost having to be sedated. I read a lot of Chick Lit during this period. Also a lot of Enid Blyton.

3. Every single night in life, without exception, I jolt awake approximately one hour after falling asleep, absolutely convinced that I have forgotten to do something REALLY important.

I have no idea what this mysterious “thing” is. Since I started my Invisalign treatment, I often think it’s that I’ve forgotten to put in my retainers, but I mean, come on: even I wouldn’t freak out over that, and I have the ability to freak out over just about anything. And this isn’t just a mild feeling of, “Hmm, there’s something I’ve forgotten, what could it be?” I quite literally wake with a heart-stopping JOLT and think “OMFG I HAVE FORGOTTEN THAT… THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAARRRGGGHHHH!”

4. I have a grand total of four scars.

Every single one of them is on my face. Lucky me!

5. As a child, I was a member of the Famous Five Fan Club

Actually, unless my parents cancelled that, I probably still am. You’re not even remotely surprised by this, are you?

6. Despite not being even remotely athletic,  I was in my primary school’s running, netball and swimming teams.

The running and netball I was reasonably good at. I made the swimming team purely because they needed five people, and only five people turned up. I could barely even swim at the time, so naturally the rest of the team hated me.

7. I had weekly riding lessons as a child. I would get so excited/nervous about this that every single week I would almost throw up en-route to the stables.

This continued for YEARS,  until one week when I actually DID throw up on the way to my weekly riding lesson and my dad told me that unless “the whole throwing-up thing” stopped, there would be no more riding lessons in my future. After that, I was fine with the riding lessons, but to this day, I still manage to ruin the run-up to almost any exciting event by convincing myself I’m going to throw up out of sheer excitement/nerves.

And there you have it, folks: seven random things you didn’t know (and probably didn’t actually WANT to know) about me. I’m now supposed to tag other bloggers to do this, but as I’m reasonably confident that no one will actually read this post, I’m not going to do that and, instead, if you DID read it, you can consider yourself tagged!

  1. I’m guilty of the toenial polish thing too.

    They’re always painted, even when it’s winter and there’s socks or tights and closed toe shoes involved too!

    1. Yup – because even if no-one can see them, you know they’re bare! I shave my legs all winter for the same reason, but I suspect I’m straying too far into the territory of Too Much Information now…

      1. Me too! My toenails are always painted (not always red though) but I don't often bother with my fingernails. And I ALWAYS shave my legs too, tights or not…having smooth legs makes me feel better, even if they're encased in boots and tights 🙂

        Thank you for doing this – it was really nice to read! x

        1. I always have painted toenails too, hate the look of them bare! And I shave my legs all through winter, I cant stand them not feeling smooth and they get itchy and subsequently scratched to death if i leave them even just a few days.

      2. I also shave my legs all through winter, partly because I don't like being intimate (sleeping next to/cuddling with someone, you dirty minds) with hairy legs, partly because my "leg hair" hurts after wearing tights for a whole day.

        I think it is because they get pulled the wrong way when I put on tights..

  2. I can totally relate to the last fact. I tend to gag/throw up when I’m excited, too. And it’s always on occations I’m SO looking forward to. (Because throwing up before events that I don’t want to attend would in fact be helpful, right? No, it’s much more fun to have your mother making you stay at home when there’s something going on you’ve been wanting to take part in for weeks… 🙁 )
    What really helps me in situations like that is sucking some candy or cough drops. It keeps my gullet working in the right direction. 😉

    1. Haha, I know, I always find it so bizarre that my brain apparently thinks, "Ooh, something fun is happening today! I know, I'll try and ruin it by making her want to throw up!"

      I will bear the cough drops in mind next time 🙂

  3. Wait, there’s something that can keep your toenails from turning yellow from the polish?! That’s the only thing that keeps me from constantly having color on them, because I am worried that I’ll have to take it off and be in a social situation with yellow nails.

      1. Hm, maybe I should look for that sometime soon. (It's a German company, so it should be available here.)

        I had an inflammation in my nail bed last winter, and the cream I used to treat it coloured my nail yellow. I've been using nail polish to cover this discolouration during the summer, but maybe I've only made it worse that way…

  4. I love red pedicures too. I do give my nails a break in the winter though. Sometimes I’ll paint them @ home, but professional pedicures are a summer treat for me.

    Four scars on your face though? How did you get them? 🙁 They don’t show in *any* of the pictures you post, even on Hey-Dollface.

    1. Very briefly: one was from a door I ran into when I was a kid, one was from falling off my bike (also as a kid) and the other two were from moles I had removed.
      Luckily none of them are visible to the naked eye – they’re all very small, two of them are pretty hidden (one on my lip, one right under my chin) and because I have pale skin anyway not even I notice them, which is a very good thing, because I can’t even imagine how much of a pain I’d be if you could actually see them 🙂

  5. I have a pedicure every three weeks without fail. I do not like bare toes, it’s just wrong. People with bad toenails freak me out.

    Also, Famous Five books were the BEST things I ever read when I was growing up. If I still had them I might even be inspired to go read them all again.

  6. What about when you got married? My big brother had to practically carry me, and that was just a pre-wedding ceremony. (If you have any tips for me…)

    1. The throwing up thing, you mean? I was horribly, horribly nervous before the ceremony – I had to sign a bunch of paperwork right before I walked down the aisle, and to this day I have no idea what I agreed to with that. I have no tips, though, I'm afraid – although to be honest, at my wedding I think I was so busy concentrating on trying not to cry all the way through the ceremony that I forgot to be nervous! And once the day actually got started, I was too busy enjoying it to feel sick – weddings are like that, I think 🙂 (Oh, and congratulations, by the way!)

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