Fighting A Losing Battle

A quick snapshot of my Formspring account:

This last person, by the way, followed the Formspring question up with no less than three comments on the blog itself, all in the space of ten minutes, and all asking about “sheeping” to Lebanon. I answered the first two questions via email, letting the person know that I can’t provide them with either sheep or shoes as I AM NOT A SHOP, and then the third comment started with the words, “Try to answer my questions, please!” Which I took to mean “Unless you answer my questions by telling me exactly what I want to hear, I will just keep on and on asking them…”

There are some genuine questions in there too, of course, but for the most part it seems to have turned into just one more way for people to pretend I’m a shop. (And even if I was a shop, I doubt I’d be able to answer these questions. I mean, “The blue platform shoes that are in the picture”? “This shoes”? How am I supposed to know what these people are talking about?) Bizarre!  I’m just surprised I’ve not had any questions about Joan Rivers yet!