A quick snapshot of my Formspring account:

This last person, by the way, followed the Formspring question up with no less than three comments on the blog itself, all in the space of ten minutes, and all asking about “sheeping” to Lebanon. I answered the first two questions via email, letting the person know that I can’t provide them with either sheep or shoes as I AM NOT A SHOP, and then the third comment started with the words, “Try to answer my questions, please!” Which I took to mean “Unless you answer my questions by telling me exactly what I want to hear, I will just keep on and on asking them…”

There are some genuine questions in there too, of course, but for the most part it seems to have turned into just one more way for people to pretend I’m a shop. (And even if I was a shop, I doubt I’d be able to answer these questions. I mean, “The blue platform shoes that are in the picture”? “This shoes”? How am I supposed to know what these people are talking about?) Bizarre!  I’m just surprised I’ve not had any questions about Joan Rivers yet!

  1. Just sending nice thoughts your way…
    The world is full of idiots and I sometimes feel it’s so unfair that common courtesy prevents us from telling them what they ought to hear…

    1. Thank you, much appreciated 🙂

      The whole thing strikes me as funny more than anything else, but I must admit, it does amaze me that there are so many people who will type out the phrase “Where can I buy the Miss Selfridge shoes?” (had that one yesterday) and not realise they’ve just answered their own question! I used to get the same kind of thing when I used to sell on eBay, only then it would be “What size are the size 4 shoes you’re selling?” (I kid you not…)

  2. This JUST occurred to me – trolls? I mean, some of these people must just be dense, but perhaps a few are doing it ON PURPOSE. Ugh. I hate people.

    1. I supect there may be an element of that ocassionally – I delete loads of these “questions” every day, so in a way I’d almost rather think it was deliberate than that there are that many people thinking I’m a shop – lol!

  3. Hey Amber.

    I know from following your twitter account how often this seems to be happening, it must drive you mad although for the rest of us sensible people it is quite funny watching you type out again and again “I am not a shop”.
    Hopefully eventually these people get the message, Amber is not for sale !

  4. Maybe you ought to set up shop, it seems to me that you’d be very successful selling other brands’ shoes for them. Just a shame the people asking for these shoes seem to think you have a telepathic link to the pairs they’re thinking of exactly. Really bizarre!

    1. Or you could set up a shoe question research service (like a new footwear specific Google Answers). Finding the right calibre of psychic to interpret the questions may be a bit difficult though…

  5. Maybe we’ve all got the wrong end of the stick – maybe the lebanese person actually wanted 38 sheep (possibly wearing shoes…) shipped to Lebanon. With your sheep wispering skills, you of course would be an obvious choice!

  6. Aww, Amber – have a hug xxx

    As someone who actually does run a shop on t’interweb, there’s really no end to the crazies 🙂 Or the people who think you’re psychic, or the terminally stupid.

  7. Hi Amber,
    I quite understand that you are fed up of stupid questions I’m pretty sure this one is not so (well I know you are not a shop so that’s a start). I’m also pretty sure that there is a better place to post you a question but I can’t find one!
    Here it is;
    I bought some Louboutins (nude, patent, very prive) for my wedding and in an aim to reduce the ‘cost per wear’ I’ve worn them 3 times since. So a total of 4 wears so far and already the red off the bottom has all gone – weep! Do you know of a reliable way to solve the problem? I’ve looked on ebay at the red rubber soles that you can get glued to the bottom but I do worry about my small town cobbler refusing to touch £495 shoes and of course I worry about them looking rubbish after the poor cobbler shaking with worry has got glue everywhere. However they do look rubbish currently and I’m worried about them getting worse. Can you offer any advice? What state are the bottoms of your Louboutins in? Much love and thanks
    Laura x

    1. The soles start to wear off as soon as you start to wear them, basically (although it’s a bit strange that it’s gone completely after only four wears – mine are just wearing off gradually, in a kind of horseshoe shape…), but to be honest I’m probably not the best person to offer advice about it because it doesn’t really bother me, so I’ve never tried to do anything about it. I have heard that Louboutin boutiques will re-paint them for you, so if you happen to live near a city that has one, you could perhaps try giving them a call? Regarding the rubber soles, I think there are also services where you can send them the shoes to have the rubber soles fitted, but again, I haven’t tried anything like that (and wouldn’t really trust the postal service with my shoes!) so I can’t recommend one specifically. I think if it bothers you, probably your best bet would be to call a Louboutin boutique for advice, or maybe go back to the place you got them and ask if they have a repair service of some kind?

  8. But BOB, i thought we were going to run away together! i now my dreams have been crushed, i thought we we had something special , but i guess not, i will always be your lover ! i LOVE YOU!

  9. Oh boy, this kind of thing, as well as the fact that people just seem to use it to bully you annonymously, is the reason I’ve always been too scared of formspring.

    1. I ended up deleting my Formspring not long after this post: I didn’t get any bullying, thankfully, but the few questions that weren’t assuming I was a shop were either really intrusive, or just the same thing over and over again. Not worth it!

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