Hair Products: Why are redheads always overlooked?

Well, Dollfaces, I’m pleased to report that last week’s haircut was far less traumatic than I’d anticipated and so, to celebrate, I headed to Boots to buy myself some new hair products. (Is it just me who always wants to buy new hair products after a cut? I always feel like the new hair deserves it somehow. Or that I deserve it, for having survived the trauma of a haircut…)

Specifically, I wanted to stock up on some of John Frieda’s Luminous Color Glaze in ‘Radiant Red’, which, as longtime readers will know, is a product I absolutely love. As well as leaving my hair very shiny and silky, it also makes my natural red that bit more vibrant, so it’s a product I’ve been repurchasing ever since my first review of it, in 2008. Lately, though, it’s been getting harder and harder to find, and I soon found out why: it’s been discontinued, along with the ‘Sheer Blonde’ version of the glaze, although the clear and brunette versions still seem to be being sold. (I emailed John Frieda last week to ask if there are any plans to replace the red and blonde versions, but haven’t had a response from them, so I’ll update this if and when I hear back from them).

Well, I was crushed. It’s always a blow when a favourite product is discontinued, but presumably these hadn’t been selling well enough to justify keeping them in production (it’s entirely possible that I was buying ALL the red glazes, actually…) so I took it on the chin, and begun a search for something to replace it. Here’s the thing though: I didn’t find much. Our local branch of Boots is a big ‘un, and has a huge section dedicated to hair products, but while I found lots of shampoos and conditioners (and even mousses and other styling products) dedicated to making blonde hair blonder and brunette hair browner, other than the John Frieda range, I found very little for us redheads. In fact, a quick glance at that aisle would have easily convinced visitors from another planet that those were the only two hair colours found on planet earth. (I suspect people with jet black hair possibly have the same issues)

When I got home, I got online, and had a quick look for products designed for redheads. That search did turn up a few options, but most seemed to be from higher-end brands (Aveda’s Madder Root Shampoo and Conditioner, for instance, sounds great, but at £22 per bottle, it’s out of my price range.). Of course, I understand that this lack of choice is probably financially motivated. There just aren’t as many redheads as there are blondes and brunettes, so obviously there won’t be as much of a demand for products to suit our colouring, but at the same time, we’re not SO rare that there wouldn’t be any demand at all, and my online searches revealed lots of other redheads, both natural and otherwise, in search of products to enhance our colour, so there could be a great opportunity for some brand to capitalise on that.

In the meantime, I fell back on one of my own favourites – Boots’ Botanics ‘Radiant Red’ which is good, affordable and therefore probably doomed to be discontinued any day now.

Any other redheads out there? What products are you using on your hair?