Packing Away the Summer

On Sunday, I decided that, after a beautiful, warm September, I could ignore the truth no longer: winter was upon us, and it was time to conduct the Great Wardrobe Switchover for the second time this year.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Didn’t she just DO that?” And seriously, it really does feel like that, doesn’t it? I mean, I know I say this all the time, but this year is passing SO fast, it’s totally freaking me out. For instance, it feels like just a couple of weeks ago I was gleefully packing all of the winter stuff away, and now here it is back again, like a particularly nasty rash:

(To be fair, only the contents of the two plastic coffins boxes are my actual winter clothes. The rest is stuff I’d been clinging on to for years and which is now making its final journey to either the charity store or the rubbish tip, just as soon as I can get around to organising it.)

What made this whole experience even worse, however, was the fact that when I did pack away all of my winter stuff this spring, I couldn’t help but be struck by how very dull it all was. “God, lookit all this stuff!” I thought, throwing it into the plastic storage boxes I’d bought for that very purpose with gay abandon. “It SUCKS. I’m glad I don’t have to wear this crap again for months!” And then the year somehow got stuck on fast forward, and how here we are again. Gah.

“I ate string this weekend. The contents of these bags would be nothing to me. Rarr!”

The whole “OMG, there is something living in our attic!” saga from earlier this year added a frisson of fear to the whole experience. Every time I opened one of those bags I was terrified I’d find a family of mice, or a severed head or something inside. Instead, I found a bunch of old clothes from the mid 90s that I’d totally forgotten I owned, which was almost as scary, to be completely honest.

Oh, and those plastic storage boxes? THOSE were fun to bring down from the attic.

TERRY: Here, I’ll pass it down to you, you just grab it and lower it to the ground.

ME: Are you kidding? You could fit a BODY in one of those things! There’s no way I can support its weight above my head!

TERRY: Stop being a drama queen! Just take the weight and lower it to the ground.

BOX # 1:  CRASH!


Anyway, I dealt with the charity stuff, then I emptied all of the winter stuff out onto the bed, and begun the sad, sad process of packing away the summer:

Buh-bye summer clothes! We barely knew ye…

Buh-bye, really quite frightening evidence of my obsession with polka dots! We, er, well, we really DID get to know ye, didn’t we? Maybe a little bit too well, if the truth be told.

(Also pictured: the duct tape that’s now holding that particular box together.)

And so it begins: winter. The season of my (normally quite vocal) discontent. And I know, I know: some people don’t got no winter, I should be grateful that I have the opportunity to live through months of end of gloomy, freezing, depressing weather. I KNOW. And I do secretly enjoy having a huge clear-out, and feeling all organised afterwards.

I’m getting out my S.A.D lamp RIGHT NOW though…