Product Comparison: GOSH Bronzing Shimmer Brush Vs Lancome Tropique Minerals All-Over Magic Bronzing Brush

GOSH’s Bronzing Shimmer Brush is another of the GOSH goodies I was sent this week, and as soon as I pulled it out of the bag, it reminded me of the Lancome Tropique Minerals All-Over Magic Bronzing Brush I’ve been using for the past couple of months, so, rather than do a straightforward review, I thought I’d compare the two products for you.

Both are bronzers (surprise, surprise) which promise to give a hint of iridescent shimmer as well as creating that sun-kissed glow beauty companies are always banging on about. As you can see from the photo above, these look very similar, but come from very different price ranges: the Lancome product is £33, whereas the GOSH one retails for £7.50. (Er, sorry about the state of the Lancome bronzer, by the way: it’s been rolling around inside my makeup case for the past few weeks and is looking the worse for wear. I’m always amazed when I see beauty bloggers’ photos of their immaculate beauty products: mine almost always look like this.)

They both come with brushes to distribute the powder:

And they each have a little “trigger” on the end of the tube which, which is used to dispense the powder onto the brush:

About those brushes: they’re the first real difference between the two products, and I doubt anyone will be surprised to know that the Lancome brush is by far the superior of the two: it’s firmer, feels less synthetic, and unlike the GOSH brush, doesn’t shed bristles when you use it. First round goes to Lancome, without a doubt.

Onto the actual bronzing powder itself, then, and this is where photography became difficult, because I find both of these products a little more subtle than the phrase “bronzing powder” would generally suggest, and they don’t show up easily on camera. I gave it a shot, though, and here’s my attempt to capture the GOSH Bronzing Shimmer Brush on the inside of my arm:

As you can see, it’s more “shimmer” than “bronzing”, although there is some colour there too, and it’s a lot more obvious on the face. It’s very, very iridescent, and dispenses easily through the brush, so it scores highly for ease of use.

Here’s Lancome Tropique Minerals:

I know it’s hard to tell from the photo, but it’s darker and less shimmery than the GOSH powder: I’m actually in the habit of using this on my cheeks as a contour colour, and it’s not too dark or shimmery for that, so it’s actually fairly subtle. This isn’t as easy to dispense as the other powder, however: it takes much more pumping of the trigger to get the product onto the brush, and occasionally I’ve just prised the thing open and used it with another brush, so I think GOSH would win the “Ease of Use” round.

As I said, these are more obvious on the face, so I figured out that would be the best place to show you the colour. Here’s the GOSH Bronzer:

(I haven’t blended it in here as I was just trying to get a photo of the colour. I’m wearing the powder on my cheek and brow bones, with NARS Orgasm on the cheeks.)

And here’s the Lancome:

Much less obvious/shimmery.

As for which is best, well, I think it depends what you’re looking for. In my opinion, the Lancome is a better bronzer, but the GOSH product gives a better shimmer. Bearing in mind that these can also be used on the body as well as on the face, I think the GOSH stick is probably too shimmery for some purposes (I wouldn’t, for instance, use it as a contour, as I do with the Lancome powder, because it’s just too shiny), but then again, the Lancome powder is harder to dispense (although I guess that could just be a problem with my particular tube). The Lancome powder lasts longer on the face, but the GOSH powder is less expensive. Hmmm.

At the end of the day, though, I guess the deciding factor for me would be price, so I’d probably go with GOSH, as my pale skin means that I’m more into shimmer than bronzing anyway (and obviously I’d blend it in much better than I did for the purpose of these photos!), unless I had decided to hit the fake tan again, in which case I’d probably splash out on the Lancome, as I think the GOSH powder is too shimmery to use all over the face.

For those of you who have an easier time making up your mind on these, Lancome Tropique Minerals is available here, while GOSH Bronzing Shimmer Brush can be found at Superdrug.


  • Lauren says:

    When are you going to get or review the dainty doll new foundation? I would like to know your opinion on it, for us fair skinned dolls. :)

  • Rebecca says:

    I love me some bronzer :) I have Victoria Jackson Shimmer in Bronze, and it’s in a tube much like your Lancome, except there’s no trigger-button-thingy — you just shake it a few times. The problem is, my Victoria Jackson stuff sells for $32, and I have to have it shipped to me…I use it sparingly. Very, very sparingly.

  • Amarya says:

    My option would be to buy one of each and try them out. This way I could indulge myself and use the excuse that I have to use both in order to see which one is better!

  • Issie says:

    Normally I avoid bronzer because i’m so pale and I worry that it’d be super obvious. But after seeing it on you… hrrm. Gonna have to try!

  • Chase says:

    It unfortunately looks orange, not bronze. Just being honest :/.

  • Lauren says:

    Hi, Where can I get the gosh products in South Africa? I was brought some from Denmark and love them so much that I want more but cant fnd them in the country……?

    • Dollface says:

      I’ve never been to South Africa, so I’m afraid I’ve no idea where to buy anything there! Have you tried contacting the company themselves to ask about this?

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