Tweezerman Betsey Johnson Slant Tweezer Collection

I’m a huge Tweezerman fan, and they’re one of those brands I genuinely don’t begrudge paying a little extra for: when you have a mono-brow like mine, trust me, you’ll pay whatever it takes to keep it under control. I wouldn’t normally pay extra, however, for a limited edition set of tweezers, or a set created by a fashion designer, but as the tweezers in the brands new Betsey Johnson collection don’t cost any more than a regular pair of Tweezerman’s slant tweezers, I could easily be persuaded if I was in the market for a new set (which I almost always am).  What can I say, I love me some Betsey!

My own preference is for Tweezerman’s point tweezers, but the slant versions are great, too. These ones are available in three different designs, and retail for $25 at Sephora. Click here to choose yours!

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