Weird Email of the Week: Miss I-Was-Fat-Forever

During my break from personal blogging, it saddens me to report that people haven’t gotten any better at telling the difference between me and Joan Rivers. The E! channel’s Fashion Police show is currently back on the air, which means that every morning I wake up to a barrage of emails and tweets about a show I haven’t even watched, much less presented/produced. Witness:

—–Original Message—–
From: Someone who doesn’t know the difference between Amber and Joan Rivers 
Sent: 01 September 2010 02:20
To: Magic Amber
Subject: The fashion bullishit show 

I am whatching the Fashion Police “show”  I think you don’t have people have a knoledge, mrs plastic Surgery, Miss I was fat forever, and I don’t know Who’s the gay guy… What they talk and the criticism is sooo poor and low,I am sorry but can you get better people on you show?

Thank you ,

 Person Who Thinks Amber is Joan Rivers

I did have to laugh at “the criticism is sooo poor and low”, though, especially with THIS person’s piece of criticism being of such a high standard, and not at all “bullishit” (which is totally going to be my Word of the Week)! Oh, kettle, you’re sooo “poor and low”! Looks like kettle doesn’t have a “knoledge” of who is Magic Amber and who is Mrs Plastic Surgery and Miss I-Was-Fat-Forever. (Is it just me, or do these sound like characters you’d find at the top of a more adult version of The Faraway Tree?*)

(At least she said thank you, though. That was polite.)

Here is a handy clue for my correspondent, and all the other people who have been contacting me this week to complain about the plastic surgery etc:


Seriously, people.

(*There totally should be a version of The Faraway Tree for adults. Maybe I will write it, once I’m done with presenting US cable TV shows. Whoops…)

P.S. Speaking of weird email, Darika Aherns of Grapevine Consulting is currently running an excellent series on blogger outreach on her site: I answered a few questions about how PRs interact with bloggers here.

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