Back to the Asylum

Terry actually took these photos for one of my Shoeper Shoe Challenges today, but, as usual, he took about eleventy-one shots, so I thought I may as well offload them here, so someone can use them to advertise their second-hand clothes on eBay or something. I’m all heart, me.

These photos feature:

1. Those shoes that girl posted on eBay that one time.

2. The abandoned mental asylum Terry and I visited last year, and which I’ve been back to several times since, with the dog. I dunno, I just seem to feel at home there for some reason?

3. My new stripe trench coat: Primark, £18 (or something equally ridiculous.)

4. My current obsession with beehive hairdos. Because one minute you’re looking at all the new issue of the Next Directory, with all of the models looking a bit like Marge Simpson, and the next thing you know, you’re walking around looking a bit like Marge yourself.

It WAS actually raining, by the way (in fact, if you look closely enough, you can see the raindrops against my legs). Then it was sunny. Then it was raining again. Then it was so sunny I could hardly see, because I’d remembered to bring the umbrella, but had left my sunglasses in the car, thinking I wouldn’t need them. Then, on the way back to the car? Torrential, Biblical-style rain. My legs and feet? Soaked.