Boxwatch 2010: Boxing Clever

In the comments on my last post, Katri said she’d been hoping for an update on The Box, and, well, that’s really all the encouragement I need, so without further ado:

(Rubin: ”I know I normally come running every time I see a camera, but I hate this freaking box, so no matter how many shots you take, this will be the only only one in which I’ll be even vaguely looking at the camera. You’re welcome!”)

Yeah, it’s still there. And the beat goes on…

Oddly enough, the TV cabinet and the other box? Are gone. They are no longer in the backseat of my car. They disappeared after a lot of banging and crashing, following which Terry said he had “chopped them up”. I don’t know where he’s hidden the bodies. I expect I’ll find out soon, though.

(No, they’re not inside The Box. I checked.)