Boxwatch 2010

Folks, this box set up residence in my living room approximately 4 weeks ago:

Blurry iPhone photos FTW!

It’s still there.

It arrived containing a part for Terry’s car, which, bizarrely enough, was contained inside a much smaller box, which was inside this one. It was a bit like a twisted version of Pass the Parcel then, only with a really, really boring prize. (Not to Terry, I hasten to add. He was all about that flux capacitor, or whatever the hell it was.) The car part, and the small(ish) box it came in, are both long gone.

This box remains.

Basically, then, we’re-a livin’ with a box. We’re a-livin’ with a cardboard box. And, to be completely honest with you? I don’t want to.

Every time I ask Terry about the status of the box, I get the same answer: “Soon,” says Terry, with a faraway look in his eye. “The Box will leave us soon…” He apparently has “plans” for it, which will be revealled at some mysterious point in the future, known only as “soon”.

Like Morrissey before me, however, I just want to know: how soon is now? When will The Box leave my life? When will we get to see what lies behind The Box, in that forgotten area of the room which, OK, we don’t actually EVER use, but still. (“What a strangely shaped guitar!” said Arlene, when I posted this image on Twitter, making me almost choke on the piece of toast I happened to be eatin at the time). What are Terry’s mysterious plans for this huge chunk o’cardboard? WHEN WILL WE BE RID OF IT?

Place your bets, folks…