When I tell you this face cream costs £88, you’re going to instantly realise that I didn’t go out and buy it myself, but in the name of full disclosure, let the record reflect that this was sent to me last month, much to my excitement.

Now, if you have a very long memory, you may recall me reviewing Rodial’s Glamtox Peel at around this time last year, and loving it: in fact, it quickly went on to become one of my Holy Grail Beauty Products. When Glamtox Night arrived, then, I had very high hopes of it… but I must confess, there was also a little part of me secretly hoping it would turn out to be no good. Well, no one wants to find themselves suddenly dependent on a £88 skin product, do they? And when I remembered the lengths I’d gone to in order to extract every last, precious drop of Glamtox Peel out of the tube, I had a bad feeling that the little silver pot you see above was soon going to be making me want to spend a whole lot of money.

And did it?

Well, before we get on to that, let’s have a look at what it claims to do:

According to the blurb on the website:

“This amazing re-formulated gel is the ultimate overnight face lift!

glamtox night contains a gentle retinol which works to re-surface, thicken and plump the skin whilst reducing pore size. The skin will gain an energized and radiant glow come morning. glamtox night also works to strip away hyperpigmentation creating a light and bright skin tone.

glamtox night is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of crows feet and deep set wrinkles, whilst nourishing the surface of the skin. glamtox night is your ‘must have’ night treatment!”

Well, really, they had me at “overnight face lift”, so without pausing for thought, I opened up the little silver box it came in and found a small, mirror-finish tub with a white top that basically functions as a giant trigger: just press it down and out comes the gel, like so:

The product itself is a kind of yellow/amber colour and has a strong, but not unpleasant smell, which is exactly the same scent as the Glamtox Peel face mask I tried last year. It’s a fairly thick consistency, but a little goes a long way, so you only need to depress the trigger once to get enough product out.

As the name suggests, this works best overnight, so I’ve been applying it before bed every night for about four weeks now. Despite my high hopes, I hadn’t expected to start seeing any results until around about the one month mark, so no one was more surprised than me when just a couple of days after I started using it, I started to notice a difference in the quality of my skin. This “difference” was hard to put my finger on. There was no change in the state of my fine lies and wrinkles, for instance, and I didn’t see any difference in pore size either, but somehow my skin just looked better: it was both fresher and firmer, somehow, and so surprising was this that I told myself I must be imagining it, and went about my business as usual.

On day four, however, I went to visit my parents, and noticed my mum looking at me strangely.

“Have you been doing something different with your makeup?” she asked me. “Your skin looks fantastic!”

Of course, being the creature of habit that I am, I was wearing exactly the same makeup as always, and no one has ever had cause to compliment me on my skin before, so I can only assume that what my mum and I were noticing was that “glow” skincare brands always talk about, and which is such a hard thing to define.  Four weeks later, I definitely see a difference in my skin since I started using this, and while I still see no change whatsoever in fine lines and wrinkles, and only a small difference in pore size (the pores on my nose and cheeks look smaller, but the ones on my chin are unchanged), I do think my skin looks fresher, healthier, and perhaps has more of “glow” about it, although God knows, that’s such a hard thing to prove or disprove, isn’t it? I’m really looking forward to seeing how much of a difference it’s made after three months, however, which is the length of time Rodial recommend using it in order to start seeing results: needless to say, if there are any further changes at the end of that time, I’ll be sure to tell you about them.

In summary, then:


    • Pleasant to use and easily absorbed
    • High quality packaging, with a suitably luxurious feel
    • Works quickly – it made a difference to my skin within just a few days
    • Leaves skin firmer, smoother and younger looking, with more of a “glow” about it
    • Some improvement in pore size


  • Made no difference to fine lines and wrinkles after four weeks use
  • Pores on chin area are still large
  • The price. Oh, that price!

As for the £88 question: would I buy it? Well, no, I wouldn’t. I just can’t afford it, sadly. If someone waved a magic wand, however, and I suddenly found myself living the kind of lifestyle in which £88 face creams were well within my monthly budget, then yes, I would definitely be buying myself some of this – and the Glamtox Peel to go with it. Hell, I’d probably buy the entire Rodial collection, such is my faith in the brand.

In conclusion, this isn’t the miracle worker you might expect from the claims on the box, but it is one of the best skin products I’ve used, and one of the few that actually make a noticeable (to me, anyway) difference to my skin.

If you want to try this out for yourself, it’s £88 and you can click here to buy it.

  1. Ole Henricksen Herbal Day Creme will probably give you the same results and it is much cheaper (about $45 Canadian here). My mum too said how nice my face looked when I’d used this for a while. (Of course now I have to buy it for her as well!)

  2. From the ingredients you mentioned it sounds like the key ingredient in this is the same that is found in the AMAZING Environ range that I use. It is fantastic and definitely worth a look if you are keen on improving skin tone and texture. I have also been using their C-Quence Ionzyme eye gel for my eyes and it really makes a huge difference. You could get both the face cream and the eye gel for the price of one Glamtox product, so its definitely a lot better value! My mum also uses this stuff and looks amazing, in fact it was her glowing skin that made me start using the stuff!

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