Friday Photo(s): Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness. And boots.

(Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 53, from last week)

I had originally written a huge whine-fest about how much I hate the cold and the dark, yada yada, but I decided to take it down, because let’s face it, it’s not exactly breaking news, is it?

Instead, I will simply note that the leaves are pretty at this time of year. Aren’t leaves pretty?

Still can’t wait for Spring, though…

I do like the hats. And the gloves.

While we were taking these photos (at this place again), the security guard stopped for a friendly word with us. “Don’t go near the old chimney,” he warned. “The old chimney be dangerous!” So, naturally, we went straight to the old chimney.

(No, I’m joking. He told us not to go near the old tumbledown shack that was right around the corner. And he wasn’t speaking like a country person from Enid Blyton, either, I just made that up for dramatic effect.)


I will confess to finding the fallen leaves pictureque. A bit.

This building contained the changing rooms for the playing field opposite it. It must’ve been nice to have sat here in its heyday and watched games being played. If it hadn’t been a mental asylum, obviously. And if sport was actually interesting.

(Sorry, sports fans.)


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