vintage-inspired autumn outfit

vintage-inspired autumn outfit

vintage-inspired autumn outfit

vintage-inspired autumn outfit

I had originally written a huge whine-fest about how much I hate the cold and the dark, yada yada, but I decided to take it down, because let’s face it, it’s not exactly breaking news, is it?

Instead, I will simply note that the leaves are pretty at this time of year. Aren’t leaves pretty?

While we were taking these photos (at this place again), the security guard stopped for a friendly word with us. “Don’t go near the old chimney,” he warned. “The old chimney be dangerous!” So, naturally, we went straight to the old chimney.

(No, I’m joking. He told us not to go near the old tumbledown shack that was right around the corner. And he wasn’t speaking like a country person from Enid Blyton, either, I just made that up for dramatic effect.)

Still can’t wait for spring, though…

  1. Ha, I just complained in my blog about having to wear more clothes too, and it also included a “don’t get me wrong”! My post was all complaining, though, and no fabulous pictures, unfortunately. That said, just be grateful you don’t live in Finland, although that would be interesting as I’d like to see what you’d wear when it’s -30 degrees outside.

    1. Lordy! I actually wouldn’t leave the house in -30. Ever.

      That said, when it gets to winter proper here, I just abandon all thoughts of fashion. I know lots of people who are able to look stylish in the cold, but I’m not one of them!

    1. Thank you 🙂 And you know, the best thing is that it’s not actually a suit – I got the jacket/cardigan as a gift about three years ago, and the skirt last month: perfect colour match – I was so pleased 🙂

  2. I have just come across your blog through grit and Glamour, and I love what i see, so I will a close watch for your post lovely lady.
    Un abrazo from Spain.

  3. Oh WOW!!! I LOVE all of your pics, you are so stunning and beautiful. Perhaps in your future posts, you could give us some tutorials on the photo editing?

    Keep in touch
    Enjoy your weekend


    1. Wow, thank you!

      Most of the photo editing is actually done by Terry, my husband – I do some of it myself, but for me it’s mostly a process or trial and error, so I don’t think I’m qualified to be writing tutorials!

    1. They’re great places for photos – or even just for a walk – so atmospheric! I could wander around this one for hours, and probably still not see everything…

  4. I saw this on Grit & Glamour and just HAD to come over and say hi!
    These photos are absolutely beautiful!
    Love what I see/read so am now following! 🙂

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