This was one of two GOSH mascaras sent to me to review this month, and I’m actually not sure what made me decide to try it first: I’ve never really been a huge fan of two-step mascaras, because as well as adding an unwelcome extra step to my mascara application, I’ve never thought they were worth that extra effort.

Mascara which makes your eyelashes grow thick and strong is one of the beauty world’s current obsessions, however, so I decided to push my preconceived ideas aside and give this one a go.


As you can see, this is a double-ended mascara wand, containing a clear serum on one end and a coloured mascara (black, in this case) on the other. The serum is step one, and it contains cotton peptide and panthenol, which GOSH say will nourish and rejuvenate your lashes when used at night: you can also use it during the day, as a base coat for the mascara which is on the other end.

Here are the two brushes:

So far I’ve only used the serum as a base coat, because, try as I might, I just can’t seem to remember to apply it before bed (maybe I need to leave it next to my toothbrush or something). I can’t attest to its effect on my natural lashes, then,  but as a base coat… well, I don’t really think it makes all that much difference, although hopefully it’s quietly working away, making my lashes grow big and strong. And speaking of my lashes:

I actually like this a lot more than I expected to, and think it looks better in real life than it does in unforgiving closeup. It has a nice, fluttery effect that I like, and it doesn’t smudge: my one criticism is that it has a tendency to clump if you try to apply too many layers, as you can see in this photo – if I’d stopped after just one or two, though, it would’ve been fine. (I’ve always got to go for that extra layer…)

Overall, not bad for the price (around £8), although I’m still not convinced that two steps are better than one!

This is available from Superdrug, but is not yet available on the website, so check back soon.

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