I can’t quite believe it’s October already, can you? This has been the fastest year ever, so before we consign September to memory forever, I thought I’d take a quick look back at five of the products that have been in constant rotation this month, kicking off with an all-time favourite: my beloved Rimmel Lasting Finish nail polish in Double Decker Red. This is just the most perfect shade of red I own: it’s rarely off my toes, and it’s often on my fingernails, too, although not today, as you can see. Moving on…

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo

I know I just reviewed this a few days ago, but I like this more every time I use it. The conditioner is long-gone, but the shampoo is still going strong, and I’m still loving how much more volume it gives my hair. Long may it last…

Impulse Very Pink Body Fragrance

This was sent to me as a PR sample, and I must admit, I wasn’t expecting to like it. I don’t normally use body sprays: they tend to drown out my perfume, and I much prefer a solid, fragrance-free anti-perspiring: also, I can’t look at a can of Impulse without instantly being transported back to my teenage years, and remembering that “Men can’t help acting on Impulse” advert that used to be on TV all the time back then. I sprayed this once, though, just out of curiosity, and, much to my embarrassment… I love it. And I kept sniffing my sleeve for the rest of the day. (Er, because that was where I’d sprayed it.) It’ll be much too sweet for some of you, and it is pretty strong, but there you have it: I just can’t help acting on Impulse, apparently. Oh, well.

Johnson’s Baby Oil

Well, I didn’t claim these would be glamorous, did I? At this time of year, the skin on my legs needs a bit – OK, a LOT – of extra moisture, and this is the product I always find myself returning to, because it just works. That whole “apply to damp skin to lock in moisture” thing? TOTALLY works. Leaves my skin feeling as soft as, well, a baby’s really. And costs just a couple of quid into the bargain: what’s not to love?

Maybelline Super Stay Lip Color in 725 – Flame

I picked this up in Target this summer after a long, long stay at the Maybelline counter (Aside: the one thing I absolutely hate about drugstore lip products is that they rarely seem to have testers available, and because the lipsticks come shrink-wrapped, you can’t try them out to see what they’re going to look like. Gah.). I intended it to be a replacement for the ‘Red Passion’ version of this, which I’d bought earlier in the year, but which was just a little too bright (This was confirmed when I wore it to my parents’ house one day and noticed that my mum couldn’t keep her eyes off my mouth. “Is this lipstick too bright?” I asked. “Yup,” confirmed my mum, not even bothering to spare my feelings. “WAY too bright!”). This one, luckily, is the perfect shade of red, and while it doesn’t last quite as long as ‘Red Passion’ it still lasts a long, long time, and has to be scrubbed off in the evening. Win.

And there you have it! Which products have you been loving this month?

  1. I bought many things this month! And I will tell you all about them!

    MAC Lipstick- Ruby Woo
    I usually wear Russian Red, but it’s coming into summer here and it’s just a touch too wintery and somber. But I can’t seem to get by without a red lipstick on hand, so I decided to give Ruby Woo a shot. I NEVER HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER RED LIPSTICK AGAIN. It is perfect, and it’s also a ‘retro matte’ which is even matte-r than the mattes, and I love mattes. Matte!

    Maybelline Pure foundation (Classic Ivory, second lightest)
    I picked this up a few days ago, actually- it was $8.95AU on sale and it’s actually fantastic. I’ve been told it’s discontinued though so I’ve got to stock up.

    Revlon lipgloss in Coral Reef
    This is part of the spring collection here, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s a great coral-orange that isn’t too garish on my lips, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a lipgloss I’ve liked this much.

    LUSH Grease Lightening spot treatment gel
    I’ve been using more and more LUSH lately and this is my current favourite thing. I haven’t really used targeted spot treatments before, and I can’t believe how effective it is straight away. The only problem is the packaging, which has a pump top, inevitably releases way more of it than I ever need and it’s a bit wasteful.

    Clinique Cityblock Sheer
    This stuff is super, and I think everyone but me knew about it already- it’s a daily facial sunscreen/primer and I never used to wear facial sunscreen before, and it’s just great. Costs too much, but it’s great.

    1. Ruby Woo is my all-time favourite lipstick, too – I would cry if they ever stopped making it!

      Gutted to hear about the Maybelline Pure Makeup, though – I absolutely love it, that’s really annoying that it’s being discontinued!

  2. I’ve barely been using any products this month because I started back at uni and am way too tired to do anything more than brush my hair and teeth in the morning! That said, I wanted to second your recommendation of Rimmel Lasting Finish in Double Decker Red – I really loved it and used it until the bottle dried out.
    This month, I replaced it with Barry M Nail Paint in Bright Red. The colour is much to my liking but it’s a bit too thin – after two coats, you can still see where the whites of your nails are underneath, so I think I’ll switch back to Rimmel…

    1. Ah, that’s interesting: I had intended to buy a bottle of Bright Red this month, but it was sold out at Boots, so I impulse-bought another Barry M polish instead – one of those greyish-brown shades that are so popular at the moment: really not sure it’ll be my kinda thing, but I guess I’ll find out when it arrives!

  3. I bought far too much nail polish in September — four new bottles of purple, shimmery black, sparkle, and red.
    I also bought out the entire stock of E.L.F. cosmetic brushes at Target.
    And then I bought lipgloss. And then I counted my lipgloss.
    Eighteen opened tubes.
    It’s bad. Really bad.

  4. The only really exciting find of the month for me has been Urban Decay’s lip envy in envious, which is the perfect combination of long lasting, natural looking, and, somehow, dramatic at the same time. It’s like my lips have been touched up for the cover of a girly magazine. Very excellent. All of my other lip colouring things have been largely abandoned.

  5. For September, there were only three things that I could call favorites. My lip gloss of choice was Benefit’s California Kissin’, my pedicure all month has been with Essie nail polish in A-List, and my all time favorite lotion is Philosophy’s Amazing Grace.

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