Pick My Next Little Black Dress

So, waaay the hell back at the start of this year, Shoeperwoman.com won a blog competition, and the prize was a Karen Millen gift card. This was tremendously exciting to me, obviously (in fact, if you heard a faint, but distinct shriek of excitement sometime in January of this year, that was probably me. SO much better than the bacon and eggs I once won in a raffle!), but there was one small problem: at the time I won my gift card, the store was full of fabulous party dresses, and, gorgeous though they were, I knew that buying one of them would really be a waste of money (or of store credit, rather), because I never, ever go anywhere that requires me to wear that kind of dress. The beautiful dress, then, would simply hang in my closet unworn, and that would be a crime (the thought of buying clothes and not wearing them makes me itchy. The waste!), so I cunningly held off until the winter stock arrived, and, with it, some dresses I’d actually have a chance of wearing in my lifetime.

Now, however, I have a new problem: which one to choose? (Yes, it’s a First World Problem if ever I heard one, and I am a lucky, lucky girl to have such “problems” to grapple with!) I can’t decide so I’m going to let you choose:

Dress # 1:

This one was instinctively my favourite: because I’m permanently freezing, I love dresses with sleeves, and they’re actually quite hard to find. (Why do so many stores produce dresses with short or three-quarter length sleeves during the winter? I always have to wear a cardigan or something over the top, or a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath and, well, it can look quite odd.) This also has a fabulous, film noir kind of look to it, but, with my ghostly skin, could just end up looking a little too severe. Hmm.

Dress # 2:

Totally simple, but hey, it worked for Audrey Hepburn, and you just can’t go wrong with a little black dress, can you? (Well, OK, you can. But not with this one.) Short sleeves, but a cut that would easily allow me to wear something over or under it.

Dress # 3:

Military style, great with long boots and, OK, elbow length sleeves, but I reckon I could deal with it.

Oh, I can’t decide. I’m leaning towards number one, but then there’s number two. And, oh, hey, number three could look great with those boots I bought last year.

Which should I go for?

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks for your feedback, everyone – I’ve ordered number one and am just waiting for it to arrive!