“But it’s SO pretty!”

Our plans for the weekend? Cancelled. Because of the OMGSNOW.

Our grocery delivery today? Cancelled. Because of the OMGSNOW. (So no food for us then, kids!)

Terry’s transplant checkup tomorrow? Cancelled. Because of the OMGSNOW.

Some flights going out of Glasgow airport today? Cancelled. Because of the OMGSNOW.

Our holiday next week? Better not be cancelled because of the … oh, you know the rest.  The jury is still out on that one. I invite you to join with me in a COMPLETE AND UTTER PANIC about it though. Because that will help.

Oh, and our business? Losing money, because people don’t want to read fashion blogs when they could be talking about the snow instead. Next person to tell me they’re “SO! JEALOUS!” or that I should be grateful I’m not them because, whew, it’s just so darn hot where they are, will be responsible for the instant explosion of my head, seriously.

Needless to say, I’m most annoyed about the transplant appointment. I mean, it’s just a checkup, but it’s important for our peace of mind to know that everything is OK, and I had really hoped we could get that reassurance before we leave the country – if, indeed, we actually get to leave the country. They won’t even reschedule it at this point*, though: the woman who called me said she has no idea when they’ll be able to get things back to normal. And the whole thing just makes me panicky, to be honest. Yesterday I kept worrying about what would happen if there was an emergency and the ambulance couldn’t get into the street (which happened countless times last winter). Today, at least I know that wouldn’t matter because there’s no staff at the hospital anyway.

Snow: it’s my new mortal enemy. I think I might hate it even more than crabs.**

* EDIT: They just called and confirmed they can’t reschedule it until the day we’re due to leave. We’ll be leaving the house at 6am to catch our flight, so obviously that’s no good. They also keep referring to me as: “Mrs My-oh-lus” for some reason.

** I take that back. Nothing is worse than crabs.