Along with the holiday compact I reviewed last week, Clinique also sent me a tube of their High Lengths Mascara, which, being the mascara addict I am, I greeted with great excitement. I actually wrote about this mascara back in January, and had been most curious about the long, curved wand (that’s it above), which, as you can see, is totally smooth on one side, with a double row of “teeth” on the other, in order to help create the “high length” spoken of in the product name.

This actually took a little bit of getting used to for me. The shape of the wand naturally made me want to use it with the curved side up, as shown here, whereas obviously you need to use it the other way round, so the teeth make contact with your lashes. Once I’d gotten used to that, though, the process became much easier, and I was really impressed by how accurate this brush is: the narrow shape and the little teeth allow you to really comb through the lashes, making sure the product is evenly distributed. In terms of coating every single lash, I think it’s probably the best mascara I’ve used because it’s perfectly shaped to get into the corners of the eye and make sure you’ve coated every last lash. Covering the bottom lashes was a little difficult at first, purely because the brush is so long, but, again, once I got used to it, I found it very effective.

But you just want to know what it looks like, don’t you? Here you go:

In terms of the effect, this isn’t quite the “high length” I was expecting, partly because (and I feel like I say this all the time, probably because I do), the product pulled the curl out of my lashes, making them look shorter than they would have. This also doesn’t actually add any length in the way that something like Lancome Hypnose or Imju Fiberwig does, by adding fibres to the ends, so the finished result was what I’d call a natural look, rather than one of dramatic length but, as with everything, this is going to depend on what your lashes look like to start with.

  1. This is a lot like Loreal’s telescopic mascara, but with a couple differences. Namely, the curve and the smooth side. I love the telescopic mascara and I’m very much wanting to try this version by Clinique. My lashes have a natural curl so I’m hoping I won’t have the same issue you had. However, I think your lashes look great in the after picture. 🙂

  2. I have this – I got a sample in a promotion Clinique are/were running where you give in your old mascara and get to try this. I did think my lashes seemed longer, but mine don’t curl very much so I don’t have the same thing with the curl being pulled out of them. I really like the way the brush works, though, it’s really precise and doesn’t go all clumpy. I’m not sure if I’ll buy this when my sample runs out, but I’d be tempted.

  3. I actually have a real issue with mascara brushes that have the “pool” of mascara in the brush itself – they have never, ever worked for me, and I can’t really see how they can possibly replicate the fluttery length I can achieve with a brush. But then I am hugely, hugely fussy when it comes to mascara, and I expect ALOT from them – especially if I’m spending a bit on them.

    Any new mascara I buy is measured against my two Holy Grails – Diorshow and Max Factor Masterpiece. Although, I am less fussed with curl than some people – I can usually create a decent lift with the technique I use putting my mascara on, and I once caused all my eyelashes to fall out when I was 16 after using eyelash curlers too much, so those babies are off my list forever!

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