My beloved Smashbox Photo Finish Primer has got to that stage where there’s so little left that it only gets to come out on special occasions, and rather than pony up the cash for a new tube, I decided to try out the GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer I wrote about a few weeks ago.

This cost me £12.99 compared to the £23.50, plus shipping, I’d have paid to replace the Smashbox product, so it was a reasonable saving. Was it a reasonable primer, though? Well, to be honest, I was in two minds about buying it: when I last mentioned it here, a few you of mentioned that you’d found it very greasy, and obviously that’s one of the last things I wanted from a primer! However, the tester in Superdrug reassured me a little: the product looked and felt very similar to the Smashbox primer, so I decided to take a chance on it, and so far I haven’t been disappointed.

While this definitely isn’t of the same kind of quality as Smashbox (it’s £10 cheaper for a reason), it does have similar qualities: the clear gel goes on smoothly, and has a lovely, silky feel to it, which transfers to my skin, leaving it smooth and soft, ready for foundation. So far I haven’t had any issues with greasiness – in fact, I actually find it makes my t-zone less shiny, which is a big point in its favour. I do think it’s one of those “little goes a long way” kind of products, though – I use just a very small dollop of it to cover my entire face, and I think if I used any more than that I may run unto problems, as it doesn’t absorb as well, or as quickly, as Photo Finish.

Overall, though, I’m pretty pleased with this, and although it isn’t going to take over from Smashbox on my Holy Grail list, it does make a good budget alternative for now.

Click here to buy it from Superdrug.

  1. Oooooh – I am very, very excited by this. I have wanted to try the Smashbox primer forever, but I just can’t afford it. May give this a go instead!

    Can I ask, did you wear this with Revlon Colorstay foundation over the top and get reasonable results?

    1. I haven’t actually tried it with Colorstay yet, but I can’t think of any reason it would give a different effect with it than any of the other foundations I’ve been using 🙂

  2. I found this primer really good! One thing that happened to mine is that after I’d had it for 3 months it became very runny and no longer really worked-it didn’t sit on my face properly anymore. Seems to have quite a relatively short shelf life 🙁

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