Dreaming of December…

… because in December I’m going to be back here:

Tenerife, Canary Islands. I’m up in the mountains at the time, which is why I look so omgfreezing. I’d also just had the flu, thus ruining most of the first week of our trip. And we’d managed to get the hire car impounded. We’re going to try to do better this time around. Mostly, though, we’re going to see these guys:

Three monkeys! Awwww!

We booked late because we were really hoping to be able to go somewhere a bit warmer/different, but we were once again thwarted by the fact that you can hardly fly to ANYWHERE direct from Scotland in the winter. This makes me sad. This, however, makes me happy again:

I am always properly coordinated with my surroundings. Even when my surroundings are a cage full of monkeys.

(I’m actually wearing that sweater right now, funnily enough. I should shop more.)

(That was a joke, obviously. Shopping more is the last thing I need to do.)

(I probably will, though. I mean, there is a really good branch of Zara right around the corner from the hotel. I know, because I brought most of it home with me last time.)

This December is the 10th anniversary (!) of my first “date” with Terry, and it’s also the 5th anniversary of his kidney transplant, so it’s a bit of a landmark month, which we’re very much looking forward to celebrating in the sunshine – or, at least, we hope we’ll have sunshine: you can never really tell at this time of year!

In other news, I’m considering getting a fringe, in order to hide the “11s” that have appeared between my eyes, as a result of all that frowning/squinting/ageing like an old hag I do. I know I’ll hate it if I get it, but I’m hating the 11s even more, so it may be the lesser of the two evils. Or maybe not.