Just a quick post today to show you these new false eyelashes by Eyelure which I’ve been testing out. These are part of the new Eye Candy range from the brand, and I was sent a few different styles to try last week, so look out for more pictures over the next couple of weeks as I work my way through them all!

This particular set promised to deliver a “natural look and length”, so I figured they’d be the easiest ones to get away with on an ordinary Friday afternoon, which is when these photos were taken. Here’s what they look like in the box:

And here’s what they look like on:

This isn’t exactly what I’d call a “natural” look – I think it would be pretty obvious to anyone who got close enough that you were wearing false eyelashes – but I did love them, and particularly like the way they point up towards the eyebrows rather than sideways towards the outer corner of the eye, like so many sets of falsies I’ve tried recently. I did add a slick of mascara over the top, just to make them stand out a little more, but other than that, they were perfect.

These are available from the usual suspects (Boots, Superdrug, etc) and I’ll be showing you some more of the line later this week/next week!

  1. Ooh I like the look of these, even though they don’t look all that natural. After years of being really squeamish about the idea of false eyelashes, I’ve been having a real desire to try some out recently. I’m going to Boots this afternoon so I might give these ones a go!

    (I’m still super-squeamish about eyelash curlers though, just thinking of them makes my stomach go a little weird)

    1. Oh, I absolutely swear by eyelash curlers: they’d seriously be one of my desert island items, they make such a difference! If you can get over the squeamishness, my top tip is to give them a quick blast with a hairdryer first to heat them up (just a very quick one, though!), then use waterproof mascara to lock the curl in place: easy false eyelashes effect 🙂

      1. It’s a silly phobia because really, what harm could they do? I think it’s just that I am really bothered by the idea of somehow clamping my eyelid skin in them! False eyelashes first step, and then perhaps I’ll consider the eyelash curlers too!

        1. Well, I’m not going to lie to you – I have managed to clamp my eyelids in them many times, and I’ve been using them for as long as I can remember, so there is always that risk. If you take it slow, you should be fine, though 🙂

        2. I have some, but I’m so worried about ripping out my eyelashes… and after watching that grizzy tales thing and having Mr. Peeler ripping off kids eyelids doesn’t help either… X) happy curling ;P

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