It’s another day, so it must be time for another Eyelure Eye Candy review! This time I’m trying out the brand’s individual false eyelashes, and for the benefit of those of you who’re looking for a more detailed guide to how to actually apply these, I provided one here, so go and read that and then come back and read this.

It’s OK, I’ll wait for you.

Back? OK, good. The first thing to note, then, is that these are a different type of individual lash from the ones in my tutorial. Those ones were the “single lash” type, while these ones come with the lashes bunched together, like this:

In the course of my false-lash wearing career, I’ve used both types a few times, and my preference is for ones that look like this, because while the single lashes give you a more natural look, they do tend to feel like a lot of work for not that much of an effect. These ones make it easier to get a thicker, fuller look, so they’re the kind I normally buy, although this was the first time I’d tried the Eye Candy versions (which were sent to me as a press sample, just for the sake of clarity).

Here’s what my lashes looked like before I got started:

They do actually exist, you just wouldn’t necessarily know it. Because individual false lashes don’t entirely cover your own lashes, I topped up my eyelash dye before beginning this, and if your natural lashes are very pale, I’d recommend you do the same, so that the falsies blend in better.

As you can see from the image above, these lashes come in three rows, each of which contains a different length: long, medium and short. The idea is to apply the medium length to the centre of the eye, the long length on the outer corners and the short lashes on the inside, although if you want a more natural look, you can just use the medium length, or even the shorter ones.

I applied the medium lashes first, and used up the entire row. Here’s what they look like on:

You can see the joins on some of the lashes on the left eye (I’m right handed, so I find the left eye harder to do because I have to reach across my face to insert the lashes),  and it’s also looking a little gappy in places, but don’t worry too much about that – you can blend them in properly as you add more lashes.

Next, I started applying the rest of the lashes. I used all but three of the long ones (I’d have used them all, but I managed to ruin each of the three by dropping them in the glue), and about five or six of the shorter ones. Here’s the (almost) finished effect:

I say “almost” finished because I went back and filled in the little gap you can see on the right eye: it actually didn’t look as obvious until the flash went off (that’s also why I look so shiny, incidentally), but I added a few more of the shorter lashes anyway to even things out.

I really liked the look of these because they create such a nice, fluttery effect, and while you can tell they’re false if you get close enough, they’re still reasonably natural, which makes it easier to get away with wearing them for a few days, which is, of course, the whole point of using this type of product.

Now for the bad news.

I applied these on Saturday afternoon, and wore them all day with no issues: so far, so good. I woke up the next morning, and they still looked exactly the same as they had the night before: so far, so very good, because as well as the novelty of waking up looking like I was already wearing mascara, I was supposed to be having lunch with friends that afternoon, and had stupidly written the time down wrong, which meant I found myself with very little time in which to get ready. Being able to skip the mascara stage of my makeup routine was going to be really handy.

Or so I thought.

I jumped into the shower, and tried my best to avoid getting the lashes too wet. It was a super-quick shower anyway, because of the whole “running late” issue, but even although I carefully patted my face dry afterwards, being careful to avoid rubbing my eyes, when I looked in the mirror, I discovered quite a few of the lashes were sitting around my eyes rather than being attached to them.


I lost so many lashes thanks to that one, quick shower, that I was forced to remove the rest of them. The ones I removed came away from the lash so easily (they just lifted right off) that I’m pretty sure they’d have fallen off anyway if I hadn’t removed them.

Now, this could have been my own fault. It’s possible that I didn’t use enough glue, or spend enough time applying them, or whatever. I must admit, I was disappointed, though, because I’ve used individual lashes often, and while I’d normally expect to lose one, or maybe two, to a shower (not a big deal because you can usually just stick them back in), the fact that I got less than 24 hours wear out of these ones made the effort of applying them seem like a bit of a waste.

With that said, I liked the look of these enough that I will probably buy another pack, just to reassure myself that it wasn’t my application that caused the problem with them. I’m going on holiday in a couple of weeks time, and I really like individual lashes for holidays, because I quite often can’t be bothered with full makeup during the day when I’m away, and if you find some that stay put, they make for a very low-maintenance makeup routine.

If you want to try these out for yourself, the Eyelure range is available at Superdrug, although I’m afraid you’ll have to look for them in-store as they’re not online just yet.

  1. Hmm, I’ve done false eyelashes before, but never individual lashes or the small groups of two or three – I think it’s because I have enough trouble with one strip one lashes, never mind many small ones!

    It’s a shame these didn’t last – the look itself is great, the length and fluttery-ness (yes, it’s my word and I’m sticking with it) look lovely, but it seems barely worth the effort for them to just fall right off. Have you ever thought about eyelash extensions for when you’re on holiday? I’ve not tried them myself, but I know people that have – they seem to last quite a bit longer.

    1. It’s not really a big enough deal to make me want to get a salon treatment, to be honest (I really hate having any kind of treatment done in a salon!) – I just either use the glue-on ones or trust that my sunglasses will cover my face anyway!

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