Half-Assed Halloween Costume | Joan from Mad Men

Joan Holloway Halloween costume

All ready for Halloween Part 2.

Oh, who am I kidding: you all just want to see Terry, don’t you?

Yes, The Box has finally fulfilled its destiny. Apparently all The Box ever wanted was to be part of a “Han Solo dipped in carbonite” Halloween costume. Who knew?

Here’s his inspiration, for those of you who weren’t obsessed with Star Wars during the 80s, and possibly also the 90s:

Now, as Terry was going as Han Solo, the obvious thing for me to have done here would’ve been to be Princess Leia, and funnily enough, Terry did campaign enthusiastically for a “Princess Leia in the gold bikini costume”, which… yeah. I, meanwhile, spent a bit of time searching, both online and in my own closets, for a suitable outfit which would allow me to dress up as my childhood heroine, but sadly, it was not to be: I have a LOT of clothes, but for some reason I DON’T seem to have any long white turtle-neck dresses, and the costumes were selling on eBay for £40 – FORTY POUNDS, people! – so instead I went as A Really Lazy Girl Who Didn’t Want to Spend Any Money on a Costume She’d Never Wear Again, or, as I tried to spin it on the night, as Joan Holloway from Mad Men. Only without, you know, boobs.

Mad Men fancy dress

I should probably be worried that I managed to make a Halloween “costume” out of clothes I already own and a hairdo I sometimes wear anyway, huh?

Terry found the fake cigarette in his desk drawer, a remnant of Halloween costumes past. Previous to this, he HAD been going to make me one. Here is the conversation we had on that topic:

AMBER: Will you make me a fake cigarette for my Joan Holloway costume?

TERRY: Yeah, I was thinking about that: I think I’ll just buy you one instead: I can’t be bothered making one.

AMBER: You can buy single cigarettes now?

TERRY: Well, no, I’ll have to buy a pack of them. But it’ll be easier than making one.

AMBER:  *thinks about this*

AMBER: Will you make me a pair of knee boots?

TERRY: Yeah, OK, no problem, I’ll make them out of cardboard.

AMBER: Gah! You were supposed to say, “Nah, I can’t be bothered, I’ll just buy you them!”

He didn’t make me boots, needless to say. But the cigarette was so realistic that every time I put it down I’d glance round and think, “OMG, there’s a lit cigarette lying on that table!” Sadly, copying Joan Holloway’s figure was a much harder task, so I didn’t even try: there are some things you just can’t fake…

But back to Terry:

As you can see, Terry took his box-wearing duties very seriously. He wasn’t, however, able to wear The Box all night, for obvious reasons, and this left The Box vulnerable to attack from all kinds of unsavory characters:

“No, seriously, Terry, the box can leave the house now, yes? Now that it’s finally driven me to drink?”