Friday Photos: Off the Rails

Just a few photos to round off the week…

We discovered this little “abandoned” railway station a couple of weeks ago while we were out walking with my parents, and I made a mental note to come back and take some photos. It’s not technically “abandoned” (it just looks it) – it’s the home of a little tourist railway that runs along the river to the weir you just see in the background of the photo above. And it was all Autumnal and pretty, so even although my nose was redder than Rudolph’s by the time we left, it was still worth a quick visit.

“Never play on the railway tracks,” my mum always told me. Whoops.

(It’s OK, mum, the train wasn’t running at the time.)

(Still, don’t try this at home, kids…)

“And when a train goes by, it’s such a sad sound…”
(Sorry, I came over all emo, there…)

Rubinman: intrepid explorer.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! I will be wearing my lame-ass Halloween “costume”, and reassuring myself with the fact that everyone will be too busy looking at Terry to notice me anyway. What will you be doing?


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