Snow My God!

I know you’re all sitting on the edges of your seats right now, thinking, “OMG, I wonder how on earth Amber is coping with the First Snowfall The World Has Known, Ever!” so let the record show that:

1. Amber has a sore throat and a runny nose. She doesn’t actually think this is connected to the presence of the omgsnow – it’s actually more likely to be just the usual pre-holiday lurgy – but she’s going to blame it anyway. For everything. Even the existence of Crocs and other horrors.

2. Amber is apparently speaking about herself in the third person now. That’s the snow’s fault too.

Anyway, here’s today’s drop, and yes, I have just become one of those bloggers who posts photos of the weather all the time. It’s only one small step from this to posting photos of my food every day:

OK, that one was just so we can get the “pretty” out of the way. That’s the snow in the woods across the street from us. Here it is outside our house:

I don’t know why I’m smiling here. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t spent the past few days weeping.

This used to be Terry’s car:

And this used to be our garden:

As you can see, we had to clear an area of snow for Rubin’s, er, use. (And by “we”  I mean “Terry”, obviously). As you can also see, Rubin’s not particularly impressed by it, because even although the snow would be over his head everywhere but this cleared area, he still wants to go for a walk, and he wants to go NOW. Or how about NOW? NOW?

In less snow-centric news, tomorrow is the first day of Dressember, so I hope you all have your dresses at the ready. (Note: not you, dad, if you’re reading this.) There are now 173 people in the group, and it was suggested last week that we try to use Dressember for some purpose other than simply encouraging us all out of our jeans, so those taking part are now dressing up all month in aid of the women and children’s charity Refuge - you’ll find a link to the JustGiving page on my sidebar, and we’re hoping to raise even a little bit of money, while also hopefully having a bit of fun.

For me, I think the real challenge won’t be wearing a dress every day, it’ll probably be remembering/finding the time to blog about it every day. Still, I guess if the snow keeps on falling, it’s not like I’ll have much else to do…