Dressember Day 24: The Night Before Christmas


(Dress, ASOS; Shoes, Faith)

Well, it’s Christmas Eve, and here in the Forever Amber household, ASOS Week continues with this black dress which none of you will ever, ever see, because you all have better things to do on Christmas Eve than sit around on the Internet, don’t you? Hello? Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? Is there anybody out there?

The fact that the Internet is doomed to remain unaware of the existence of this dress would make me feel sorry for it (I mean, we all know how The White Dress reacted to not fulfilling its destiny, don’t we: it closed every damn restaurant in town, so who knows what kind of havoc this one could wreak? Actually, while I’m on the subject, Terry and I have been talking about that, and we’ve decided that The White Dress has a powerful control over the universe. We’re considering having a panic room built, just in case we ever anger it unwittingly: you might want to consider doing the same, because I think its power may be growing…), if I didn’t know that this dress will soon be out and about, enjoying Christmas Eve at my parents’ house, where we’ll be staying for a couple of days.

I won’t be updating tomorrow, obviously, but I will continue to dutifully photograph my Dressember outfits (don’t get too excited, though, it’s just a repeat of the blue dress, only in another colour) and catch up later in the week, once I’ve eaten and drunk my parents’ house dry and returned home to rest up in preparation for the excesses of next week. I hope Santa’s bringing me a corset, is all I can say. And a pony, obviously.

Anyway! For someone who’s pretty sure she’s talking to herself, I seem to be talking a helluva lot here, so I’ll shut up now and just wish you all a merry Christmas instead. Here it is:


I hope you all get plenty of ponies!*

(*Or whatever else you want. Preferably ponies, though. And maybe even some MONEY, because that’s what I’m all about…)