Dressember Day 15: The Curse of the White Dress

(Dress, Zara; shoes, thrifted)

You see this dress, people? This dress carries a powerful curse, a curse that can only be broken by… actually , I have no idea how the curse can be broken. I expect it involves shopping, though.

See, for the anniversary of T-Day (Transplant Day), Terry and I wanted to do something special. We’d found a nice restaurant, and as this restaurant was both nice AND located in the grounds of one of the swankiest hotels on the island, I figured it was one of the few places here where I’d be able to wear this dress and look only moderately overdressed in it, as opposed to OMGOVERDRESSED. So, off we went.

We reached the hotel and walked for what seemed like miles through it to reach the restaurant.

It was closed.


Well, no problem, we thought: we’d simply go to our second choice restaurant instead, which was ALSO located within a giant hotel. We got there, we walked for more miles through the hotel, then we got a little lost, and had to walk even further, which was frustrating because by this point we were both absolutely starving. Finally, we reached the restaurant.

It was also closed.

There was only one thing for it. The sister hotel to the one we’re in has what looks like a lovely restaurant, looking out over the sea. We would go there and we would celebrate T-Day in style, we thought.

Except we didn’t. And I expect you can guess why.

Yup, that restaurant was ALSO CLOSED. Screw you, low season!

We ended up eating in a little Chinese next to the hotel, with a view of a parking lot and a taxi rank. And I went back to the room first and changed into my jeans, because sometimes even I discover a limit to my overdressedness, and this was it.
Still, despite everything, we had a really nice meal, overlooking that car park, in our scruffy jeans, and I don’t think we’d have had a much better time in one of those oh-so-swanky restaurants by the sea. Sometimes simple really is best.

I still need an excuse to break the curse of the white dress, though. I suspect the curse will only be broken when the dress actually gets to fulfil its destiny and be worn for something other than trailing around hotels for hours…