Pinup Couutre nautical dress

(Dress, PinUp Couture; Shoes, River Island)

Well, the wonderful weather we’ve been having broke dramatically last night, with a storm which whipped up just as we took these photos, thus explaining my more-than-usually-gormless expression, plus the fact that I look like I’m wearing a huge petticoat under my dress (I’m not, it’s just the wind. Even I wouldn’t bring a tulle petticoat on holiday with me. Or not very often, anyway.).

Of course, to a sailor such as myself, a rainstorm is nothing, and luckily for us, the sun came back out this morning. We’re hearing disturbing reports from home, though, about a new BIG FREEZE and THE END OF THE WORLD etc, etc, so no complaints here about a bit of rain, nosiree. If it’s true that Royal Fail STILL haven’t managed to get their act together and deliver the parcels I ordered in NOVEMBER, however, there will probably be complaining. Probably quite a bit of it, it’s only fair to warn you.

For now, though, it’s still hot and sunny, and that’s more than good enough for us…


  1. Cute sailor girl)) I think it takes courage to wear a dress in such wind – I’d be probably terribly nervous and would end up sitting still on some chair..

    Speaking of snow – yes yes, old troubles.. so white and innocent in the morning, so devilish during the evening traffic!

  2. Ooooh, you stayed at the Riu Arecas, I recognize the Riu Palace tower. We had almost the same view when we went there last month. 😉

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