Dressember Day 17: Bow Time

(Dress, Zara; shoes, eBay)

Yes, yes, I know: I’ve worn my hair in exactly the same way almost every day since I’ve been here. In fact, they’ve stopped calling me “Sailor Amber” and are now calling me “Girl With Only One Hairstyle”. It’s one part laziness and one part Holiday Hair, in which the sunshine, different water and travel hairdryer all combine to turn my hair into one lanky and yet frizzy mess: awesome!

As the last few days of the holiday approach, I’ve started to worry, not only about the flight home itself, but about the possibility that th flight home might not happen without another 18-hour delay or something: the news this morning carries the usual stories of airport closures and general chaos back home due to the OMGSNOW. One day we’ll get to take a trip without airport stress at either end of it. One day.

Meanwhile, we can’t get over how lucky we are to be enjoying such beautiful weather still. I think the UK must somehow be sucking up all of the bad weather in the universe right now. Good for us, of course, but kind of sucky for everyone at home.

(Me speaking to my mum on the phone: she was telling me all about the latest snowfall, and how they’ve only seen Royal Fail twice in the past three weeks or something – and I really wish I was exaggerating about that. On the plus side, apparently my mum has been able to wear her Russian hat, and Rubin is finding plenty of opportunities to wear his coat, so every snow cloud, silver lining, and all that.)

And now my sunlounger awaits. See you all tomorrow!


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