Dressember Day 26: Skirting the Issue

(Skirt-that-used-to-be-a-dress, eBay; sweater, Mango; boots, River Island)

First, the outfit shots:

Now, I know this isa skirt and sweater rather than an actual dress, but in my defence, skirts ARE allowed under the Dressember rules, and this one did actually begin life as a dress: it was a strapless prom dress which I found on eBay and, knowing I wouldn’t wear it the way it was, got my mum to chop the top off and turn it into this fabulous, full skirt. I have it in pink, too, although I found the pink one in a charity shop, in an uncharacteristic stroke of thrifting luck – normally I just find bobbly old Primark sweaters and used underwear in charity shops.

With that out of the way, however, let’s see some of the out-takes:

Yes, Rubin is continuing his proud tradition of licking his own nose every time we try to take a photo of him. Even better than that, though, my dad is continuing his proud tradition of being in the wrong place at the wrong time when the shutter closes:

He’s also in the NYPD now. Bet you didn’t know THAT, huh? No, neither did we. I was actually quite surprised when he popped into this photo and arrested me. I spent the night in jail after that. Funny how a simple outfit photo can end up sometimes, hmm?


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