Dressember Day 29: 18 Greeks walk into a Chinese restaurant in Scotland…

(Dress and belt: Christmas gifts from my parents; boots, River Island)

There’s no punch line to the title of this post, I’m afraid, because it’s not actually a joke: it’s just what we did last night. (And I feel duty bound to tell you that only around half of the assembled company were Greek or of Greek descent. That wouldn’t have made for quite as good a headline, though…) Don’t worry, we did call ahead to book a giant table…

The meal was a kind of last supper to allow us to say goodbye to Terry’s brother and his family, who headed back to Kent today after their flying visit. It’s very rare that the entire family get together like this – in fact, up until the surprise party this week, it hadn’t happened since our wedding – so a good time was had, and now we can all look forward to getting together again in another four or five years. Like many Greek people, Terry’s mum gets a lot of pleasure out of counting the number of people present at any particular gathering and announcing later “There were eighteen of us, you know!” so I’m sure she’s enjoyed the past couple of days, and as Terry’s other two brothers are staying on into the new year, there will be plenty more gatherings to come.

Meanwhile, as you can see, there are two of me in the images above, which I’m sure is a disturbing thought for anyone who knows me. The restaurant was a very casual kind of place, so I wore this grey jersey dress, which was one of my Christmas gifts from my parents, with my grey boots, which I get much more wear out of than the phrase “suede thigh high boots” might lead you to expect.

As for today’s dress, I’m afraid it’s going to have to go unrecorded: Terry, John and I have just taken Rubin for a long walk through the woods, so my black knitted turtle neck dress had to be accessorised with leggings, those rubber boots I’ve been wearing all month, plus, er, thermal underwear. Plus the usual coat, hat, gloves, three-pairs-of-socks that is part of my usual winter outdoor uniform. I couldn’t be bothered lugging the camera with me on our walk (Which was a mistake, because it was a cold, misty day, and the sun going down over the hills was just spectacular) and now that I’m home, the light inside the house will be no match for my all-black outfit, so I’ll simply leave you with Terry’s description, which is that I look like, “The Milk Tray man, only a woman.” Awesome.

One more day of Dressember to go!


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