Just a very quick post to let those of you who’re following me because of Frocking Friday/Dressember/dresses and fashion in general, that The Frockery, which is a fabulous source of online vintage, is running an eco fashion challenge this February, and I was hugely flattered to be asked to be the judge of the event (which means that no, I won’t be taking part: I do have another Shoe Challenge coming up soon, though, so stay tuned for details of that, if you like shoes). Alison, who owns The Frockery, can explain it all much better than I can, though, so you’ll find the details below: please feel free to join in!


The Frockery launches February eco-fashion challenge 

Rock the retro, highlight the hand made and celebrate the second hand in February for a chance to win £50 Frockery vouchers.

 The Frockery has issued an eco-fashion challenge in which participants are being encouraged to “rock the retro, highlight the hand made and celebrate the second hand” during February for a chance to win £50 of its shop vouchers.

The Angus-based online boutique, which specialises in affordable vintage and pre-owned fashion, believes the challenge offers an opportunity for eco-friendly fashionistas to demonstrate how to dress for less, yet still stay stylish.

Launching the challenge, Frockery founder Alison Preuss said:

“February is the coldest, darkest and most depressingly bill-filled month of the year and 2011 looks set to bring further enforced financial belt tightening. We felt that a fun fashion challenge, which inspires people to be more creative with their clothing, might help banish the winter blues as well as benefit bank balances.

“Abandoning ‘fast’ fashion in favour of more sustainable alternatives, such as vintage, home made or recycled clothing, makes perfect sense from the point of view of both the planet and the wallet. Why buy new when it’s more fashionable, frugal and eco-friendly to go retro?”

One eco-fashionista who has already signed up is London-based Kim Sklinar, who has pledged to wear second hand clothes for the whole year to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research through her Preloved Reloved website. She says she will be “wearing more unusual things, accessorising better, giving more money to charity and generally not giving money to sweatshop factories via the high street”.

To take part in the Frockery challenge, entrants should commit to wearing predominantly vintage, hand made, recycled or second hand clothes every day of February and post ‘evidence’ in the form of pictures, outfit descriptions, sources and costs on the Frockery Facebook page.

At the end of the month, fashion blogger Amber McNaught of Midas Media, whose websites include the award winning Fashion Police and Shoeperwoman, will select the most stylish and creative eco-fashionistas, who will each receive £50 Frockery vouchers.

  1. This sounds like fun, and I reckon I could do this as well. But I’m not on Facebook 🙁 Still, I might have a go at doing my own version of it all the same.

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